Once the presence of bed bug is confirmed and verified, taking immediate steps helps to inhibit further growth and the spread of bed bugs.  Detection and handling the problem thoroughly at an early stage is the key to thwart an infestation. Time is a critical factor as even a lapse of a day means giving enough opportunity for the bed bugs to have a leeway to reproduce and spread its populace.  Professional bed bug treatment is expensive and time consuming.  Nevertheless, the methods and results are generally thorough.  One must bear the few things in mind before making any decision against the battle of bed bugs.

Understanding and acting in accordance reduces the number of bed bugs:

  1. Do read and know about bedbugs, its life cycle, habits and its bites. Awareness helps to deal with the problem effectively.
  2. Check for clutter in the room and throw away unused items. Bedbugs love clutter and therefore, it is necessary to remove the mess to curb their movement.  Items that need to be disposed should be put away inside plastic bags.  Magazines, junk, toys, laundry and shoes are some of the favorite hiding spots for bed bugs. Dispose them immediately in the garbage.
  3. Do wash all laundry and other washable items in a hot dryer and keep them away from the infested area.
  4. Do change the bed-sheet of the bed every day.  Lighter color of sheets keeps away the bedbugs for a while. Do remember to put the washable sheet in a plastic bag, launder in very hot water, dry and put it aside from the infested area.
  5. Install specially designed mattress and box spring encasement, which reduces the intensity of the problem to a considerable extent.
  6. Contact a reputed pest- control company and follow their instructions closely to avoid worsening the infestation.

Keep the following pointers in mind when there is a bed bug infestation:

  1. People want to move away from the place of infestation. This only worsens the problems, as bedbugs will simply move into the new place. Wait for couple of months or follow the instructions of the pest-control company before you decide to move out.
  2. Avoid movement of items from one room to the other. This gives yet another opportunity to spread the bed bug infestation. If an item needs to go out of the room, disinfest the item, before taking it to the other room.
  3. There will be a natural urge to discard all the infested items, such as furniture, clothes and other items. However, a professional pest-control company can suggest various ways to treat the infested items, thus saving lot of money.
  4. Avoid buying different types of pesticides to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are quite a challenge and needs special treatment.  A bug spray or a gel is not sufficient to kill bedbugs. Make use of professional help.
  5. Never use bug bomb or foggers as it simply worsens the infestation.