Bed bugs have been faithful but unwanted companions of man for thousands of years. Previously considered a pest of the past, there is now news of bed bugs wrecking havoc in school dormitories, hotel rooms, homes coffee places, movie theaters and many other places. The biggest question that everyone is asking is what causes bed bugs? There is a weird belief that they are caused by filth. The truth is that bed bugs are not caused by dirt. This is a false belief and has not factual backing because the pests do not feed on dirt. Bed bugs survive on sucking human and animal blood. It therefore means that anywhere where there is a person or animal, a bed bug will be happy to dwell.

The frequent movement of people from one place to another is the main cause of bed bugs. That is why the most frequented places by people that came and go have the highest bed bug infestation cases. A bed bug after sucking enough blood from a person will hide in clothes hems in order to get a hitch to another location. When they get to the new location they lay hundreds of eggs which mature after a few days. They then look for another opportunity to be hitched to another destination. That is how the annoying pest has spread around the world with ease.

Safe havens

Bed bugs like hiding in dark places where there is no disturbance and they cannot be seen easily. They also like furniture seams, sofa cushion corners, wall paper strips and dark wall crevices. They also prefer clothe hems and seam edges. The unfortunate news about the pests is that they have started developing resistance to many insecticide solutions.

What causes bed bugs and reasons for increase

The bed bugs have tricky survival tactics that make them hard to manage. Firstly it is not easy to trace their hiding places. Secondly, they feed on their host mostly at night when they are dead asleep. Immediately they suck enough blood they do not hang around anymore. They leave instantly and hide waiting for another night or host. Another reason is their ability to reproduce very fast. A few bed bugs can lay thousands of eggs everywhere they go. The eggs hatch in few days.

What causes bed bugs and how to prevent them

The only way to prevent bed bugs is to reduce the places where they can hide. All cracks in furniture and walls need to be repaired as soon as they occur. Neatness in the house is essential to keep off other dirt loving insects and disease infections. Treatment using insecticides should take place immediately bed bugs are discovered. Or you could try some home remedies for bed bugs. The treatment should continue until all the bed bugs and eggs are completely destroyed.

Separating myths from facts about what causes bed bugs

Bed bugs are not caused by dirt as I emphasized. That is a myth. There are people who believe bed bugs are a poor man’s pest. This again is false. Whether you are rich or poor, the bed bugs will enjoy sucking a bit of your blood whenever they get the chance.

If you have bed bugs it’s important to know how to get rid of them. Exterminators are expensive and use potentially harmful chemicals.  The Bed Bug Control Guide will not only tell you what causes bed bugs, it will show you how to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.