If anybody’s ever been upset that their lottery numbers haven’t come up, perhaps this will make them think twice. The latest victim of bed bugs is the Ohio Lottery office, in Cleveland.

Bed bug removal isn’t a task exclusive to the home, government buildings are now getting hit with bed bug infectations.

The Cleveland State Office building is just the latest government office to be hit with bed bugs

“The Lottery is working in conjunction with the building owner the Department of Administrative Services to treat what has been identified as a localized incident of bed bugs,” announced Ohio Lottery Spokesperson Danielle Frizzi-Babb this week.

“We responded immediately and have made arrangements for spraying of the area over the weekend. We will move forward with any other measures appropriate to the circumstances.”

The infestation in the Cleveland State Office building, on W. Superior is just the latest in a string of bed bug infestations in government buildings and offices all across the country; and another illustration of how ubiquitous the presence of bed bugs is becoming.

What makes these infestations noteworthy is that they buck the trend of what most people imagine bed bug problems to look like. For a start, there are no beds in the state office building!

But the truth is that the name “bed bug” is increasingly becoming a misnomer. Cimex lectularius, the Latin name for bed bugs, will go anywhere there’s food available – or, as is most likely the case in the Ohio Lottery office, anywhere they’re taken.

Because even a single gravid bed bug, secreted in the fold of a jacket, or the bottom of a bag, is enough to trigger a bed bug infestion; so one Ohio Lottery employee could easily – and inadvertently – started the problem by bringing bed bugs into work with them from home.

The infestation also illustrates that bed bug problems aren’t a matter of hygiene, as people still commonly believe. Both clean and dirty houses can fall victims to bed bugs. They’re more interested in a hot blood meal than the surroundings they’ll be living in.

When it comes to bed bug issues, homeowners have one advantage the Ohio state officials don’t – they can tackle the problem themselves. Increasingly, homeowners are getting better results, more quickly, safely and affordably, by using home bed bug treatments.

In addition to avoiding the embarrassment of having an exterminator’s truck outside your home, DIY home bed bug removal let you control every aspect of the application, right down to the treatment you use.

Natural alternatives to synthetic pesticides – like Nature’s Response 100% organic natural pesticides – offer a more effective bed bug treatment that is entirely safe for use with your family or pets.

The sad fact is that you’ve got significantly better odds of scoring a bed bug infestation of your own than winning the lottery. The good news is that at least you have tools at your disposal to deal with the problem effectively.