Using a Bed Bug Mattress Cover – 3 Tips to Prevent These Insects For Good

Making use of a bed bug mattress cover can come in handy especially when traveling as even nice hotels can become unsuspecting victims of infestation problems. In fact, a recent study suggests that the increase in world travel may have contributed to the rise in reported incidents each year. Here are 3 tips to help prevent these critters from attacking.

1. Use a bed bug mattress cover

As mentioned above, even nice hotels may have bug problems in certain rooms but this is generally an exception. To be safe, you can make use of a cover that encases the entire mattress which works to keep these insects from attacking if they are nesting in the bed. Since these critters attack late at night, using a cover will help prevent them from getting in and out of the mattress.

2. Thoroughly wash your clothes and luggage

Bed bugs can easily transmit between clothes and luggage which is why it is essential that you thoroughly wash everything before heading home on a trip. This will ensure that even if these insects did somehow latch onto your luggage, you can prevent them from entering you home. Even if you do not travel frequently, it is still a good idea to always keep your clothes clean.

3. Keep a spray with you

If you notice bed bugs in your room or on your mattress, a quick way to eliminate them is using insecticides specifically designed to kill them. Be sure to only use a light mist on the affected area as some sprays contain toxic chemicals that are not healthy to breathe in. If you are constantly around children or pets, then it may be good idea to get a spray that does not contain hazardous ingredients.

When it comes to prevention, be sure to use a bed bug mattress when traveling and to always thoroughly wash your clothes. A good idea before traveling would be to read reviews on certain hotels you expect to stay in to make sure infestation problems are kept at a minimum. Be sure to keep the above factors in mind when it comes to preventing bed bugs from attacking.

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Do you have bed bugs? Why use a bed bug mattress cover? Then you should use a bed bug mattress cover.

When people find out they have bed bugs, some simply chuck their mattress and box spring thinking this will end their bed bug problem. Sometimes they even toss the bed frame out for good measure. This is a waste of money and is rarely necessary. When people toss their old bed setup, they buy a new one of course. Makes sense. Then they bring the new setup into their bedroom. But they have not actually addressed their bed bug problem—they’ve only addressed one of the symptoms. The bed bug infestation is still there. You can guess what happens. The bed bugs come back and infest their new bed, leaving them back at square one.

So you realize you have bed bugs and you want to keep them from spreading into the rest of your home or to keep them from biting you at night. Throwing away your mattress, which is what most people do, is the best case scenario for keeping bed bugs off of you at night. This is a huge waste of money when people realize this hasn’t solved the problem. When a new mattress is purchased there are more than likely bed bugs still lurking in your home and they will be back to infect the new mattress leaving right back to where you were before. A bed bug mattress cover is your best defense for bed bugs on your mattress.

bed bug mattress cover is good for 2 reasons: A. They keep bed bugs that may be lurking on your mattress suffocated so that they can no longer infect the rest of your house or bite you in the middle of the night, and B. They keep bed bugs from infesting or reinfesting a mattress in your home.

Choosing a bed bug mattress cover:

A good bed bug mattress cover is usually made of a plastic-like material that covers your entire mattress and zips around it. From there you can put your normal bed linens on it. There are even covers for pillows too. It is important to remember, however, that not all mattress covers are made to keep bed bugs out.

When choosing a bed bug mattress cover there a few things you need to keep in mind when looking. The mattress covers needed to keep bed bugs out are usually allergen free, waterproof, and encase the entire mattress with a zipper. These mattress covers are not only beneficial for protecting against allergen such as dust mites, but protect against bed bugs, and spills and accidents, but do not change the feel of the mattress so you still get a good night rest when you use one. There are also covers available for box springs too, so you can eliminate the problem no matter where bed bugs are hiding.

If you still have concerns about bed bugs, contact a professional, such as pest control agent. These professionals may be able to help you eliminate the problem and also help you choose the right bed bug mattress cover to help you with your bed bug problems so you can get a good night’s rest.