Due to the growing bed bug infestation problem, the old saying, “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is now a hard truth. Thought to be a “pest of the past”, which was eradicated in the 1960′s, infestation in the United States is growing at an alarming rate.

Although not life threatening, these blood-feeding insects can cause red, itchy welts and possibly allergic reactions to their human of choice.

Infestations have been confirmed everywhere from hospitals, homes, hotels to theaters. Actual statistics are astounding.

Rapid and Widespread Growth Bedbug Problem in United States:

Statistics gathered by the National Pest Management Association conclude that since 2000, pest management calls because of bed bugs have increased 81%.

Pests in hotels have reportedly risen 50% between 2009 and 2010.

A startling 90% of treatments have occurred in apartment complexes and residential homes.

Results from 1000 pest management firms surveyed in Kentucky in 2010, confirmed that 67% have treated bed bug infestations in the hotel industry.

Even more astonishing is most of these parasitic insects are picked up by unsuspecting travelers, who return home with a hidden hitch-hiker.

Take Care When Traveling even in Top Rated Hotels:

Beware and be aware these disgusting pests are not choosy about their habitat. From hovels to castles or even top rated hotels, anywhere there is a crack or crevice, bedbugs move in and call it home.

It is important to understand that dirt is not the bed bug attractor as we have long suspected. Rather than a sanitation concern, these insects go where there are warm-blooded humans to supply their feeding needs.

Travelers are most at challenge. Be mindful the most effective war against bedbugs begins at home.

* Check the free public database of Bed Bug Registry and Trip Advisor at: bedbugregistry.com for objective, user-submitted reports of bed bug citing at hotels and motels in the United States and Canada
* As a further precaution, telephone the hotel to inquire what method they use to protect guests from these insects
* If still in doubt, consider buying a protective luggage spray and treat your baggage.
* When you arrive at your hotel, inspect the room, paying close attention to brownish blood stains on bed linens, insects crawling on the bed and lift up the sheets to examine crevices in the mattress.
* When you return to your home, scrutinize your baggage, clothing, laptop computer and shoes.
* Wash your clothing in hot water.

You May not Need to Hire an Exterminator:

It is within the realm of possibility that a thorough visual inspection and home treatment will suffice to get rid of bed bugs and you may not need to hire an exterminator. Just be mindful that if your home is heavily infested, you may have a difficult time eradicating them.

One tell-tale sign of infestation is the faint scent of raspberries. Do a complete inspection of your bedroom (similar to the hotel example above). In addition, look behind headboards and underneath the top mattress.

There are spray products for home use that deal with bed bugs, which contain glass and silica. Be careful not to inhale any harmful chemical spray.