The bed bug problem has grown enormous nationwide – with even high-profile hotels and businesses – like the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York – falling foul to bed bug infestations.

Even the luxurious NYC Waldorf Astoria fell prey to bed bugs

Yet despite that, there’s still a terrible stigma attached to bed bugs. Many believe that ‘clean’ people don’t get bugs – they’re the sorts of thing more likely to be found in dirty houses and run down motels.

And while that’s never been true, it’s still intensely embarrassing to discover bed bugs in your home – especially if you pride yourself on being clean and sanitary.

If you do discover bed bugs, though, don’t be too hard on yourself. The truth is that bed bugs don’t care whether somebody’s house is clean or dirty. They’re only interested in finding somebody warm to feed off while they’re there.

The only way to ‘get’ bed bugs is by carrying them into your home in your clothes or luggage – and when the bed bugs hitch a ride; they have no idea whether they’ll end up in a swanky hotel or a dirty hovel.

In short – having bed bugs doesn’t mean that you’re a dirty person.

That being said, it’s understandable that you might not want to advertise a bed bug problem to your friends or neighbors. An exterminator truck parked on your driveway is an instant way to generate gossip in the neighborhood.

This is why more and more people are interested in bed bug treatments they can administer themselves. Here is some of our advice for getting rid of a bed bug problem without advertising it to your neighbors:

  1. Separate and wash all clothes, bedding, towels and linens: Bed bugs and their eggs won’t survive a hot wash and spin cycle. Just remember to keep your laundered items separate until you have exterminated bed bugs from the rest of your home.
  2. Vacuum and clean thoroughly: Pay special attention to corners and crevices – use the nozzle attachments to clean these areas thoroughly. You should also vacuum furniture and mattresses thoroughly. Vacuuming will help suck up any stray bed bugs and their eggs. Be sure to empty your vacuum bag or canister outside, and seal the contents in plastic bag to prevent vacuumed bugs from returning to your house.
  3. Use Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray throughout your home: Especially on mattresses and upholstered furniture. Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray won’t stain your upholstery and is entirely safe to use around animals and people. Pay attention to skirting boards, molding, mattress creases and pet beds. Re-administer Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray within 48 hours for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Use our box spring, mattress and pillow encasements to proof your bed against bugs. We also offer ClimbUp insect interceptors, which you can place on bed legs to prevent bed bugs climbing up. They also serve as an indicator to show whether or not you have eliminated your bed bug problem.

Used as directed, Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray and our other products are guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs within 30 days. Just as impressively, they’re safe to use every 30 days to prevent bed bugs and keep your family and pets safe from these bloodsucking little bugs.