An engorged adult bed bug.

I noticed something very odd. Not surprisingly, it is something that affects many victims of bed bugs after the pests are gone from their lives: the lingering itches after bed bugs are “gone”.

This has everything to do with the heightened skin sensitivity we get from dealing with bed bugs bites. Even after they are gone from our lives, the paranoia that they are still following us or living among us is one that is difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs are just as much a physical problem as they are a mental one. The paranoia stems from the fact that bed bug bites are among the most annoying to deal with, in terms of the intensity of the itch and the duration of the bites’ potency.

How long does the paranoia last? Who knows – but I still get burning itches to this day and I have been bed bug free (crossing my fingers) for about 4 months.