Steam cleaners are helpful in several ways and recently have been integrated into pest control management plans against bed bugs. They are helpful in that they use heat (perhaps the bed bug’s greatest weakness) to kill bed bugs.

The thermal death point for bed bugs, bed bug nymphs (babies) and bed bug eggs is between 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Steamers can reach degrees in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam cleaners will kill all bed bugs on contact. Steam cleaners are also effective in driving bed bugs out of their hiding locations, as bed bugs are very susceptible to high heat. This will allow you to kill bed bugs while simultaneously flushing out surviving bed bugs into view.

If you do use a steam cleaner, be sure to be very thorough and steam every crack and crevice, nook and cranny, in your residence. Being thorough is absolutely key. Additionally, practice safety and be wary of items in your home that can be damaged by heat. The steam cleaner can damage certain fabrics or older materials so be cautious when using one. If needed, make sure whoever is using a steam cleaner in your home to kill bed bugs, is a professional or someone who is knowledgeable in using one. Buy one below.

Learn More about Bed Bugs Treatments:

Nearly all of us have heard the phrase “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” which appears to be an age-old saying from times when mattresses were made of just about anything. When modern mattresses were developed around the turn of the 20th century, bed bugs became less of a hassle and were almost forgotten by the 1940’s and beyond. No one seems to know why these nasty little critters have become an ever increasing problem since the mid 1990’s. There is even an online registry that tracks reports of infestations in hotels and apartment buildings! Bed bugs don’t besiege beds alone however; they can in fact be found throughout the home. Although bed bugs are not currently known to carry diseases, they can be a terrible nuisance causing skin rashes, itching, and allergic type symptoms. Their presence is not related to the cleanliness of your domicile; they can infest any home, so deeper cleaning will not solve the problem. Being parasites, they bite and suck the blood from their hosts, injecting its saliva containing (among other things) anesthetics and anticoagulants through one feeding tube while extracting blood through another tube. It is not felt when they bite, but small red bumps occur with itching and swelling.

Getting rid of these bugs is not an easy task because insecticides are not very effective on mattresses and stuffed furniture. Home remedies such as Diatomaceous Earth (silicone dioxide), rubbing alcohol solution, home made concoctions, a wide variety of aerosols and “bug bombs” which are largely ineffective. Those that claim to eliminate all stages of the bed bugs growth may not kill the eggs, and if not applied to all affected areas will not kill all the bed bugs, which can live over a year without a fresh feeding. They hide and lay eggs deep in narrow cracks and crevices of the joints in furniture, walls, storage cabinets and floors of your home. Even after an exhaustive effort, most people would not be able to tell if their labors were effective. A properly trained, licensed and experienced professional can tell you how severe the infestation is, and offer extermination techniques that are more effective than those afforded the typical homeowner.

Since bed bugs hide so well and survive so long, a successful eradication program requires detailed knowledge of the insect’s habits and biology that only a trained professional can provide. These programs may be long or short lived and can include a variety of techniques; for example, Heat/Humidity or Cold treatments, Gas or Steam treatments, Insect Growth Regulators and pesticide applications. Advanced knowledge and equipment is required to use these strategies and products safely and effectively while obeying local laws.

With the explosive increase in international travel over the last few decades and the ease in which bed bugs travel on clothing and luggage, they are likely to remain a household pest for the foreseeable future. Bringing in a pest management specialist can help ensure your home is free from these parasites.

Heat Treatment:

It’s a FACT! The safest, most effective and economical method of eliminating Bed Bugs is heat treatment.

Heat is the modern day Bed Bug elimination treatment that’s not only safer than pesticide sprays but dramatically more effective! That’s why many pest control provider has been using heat treatments as the main component of our Bed Bug protocol for years.

Their heat treatment crews can heat offices, houses, apartments, etc. to 140°F which is well above the lethal temperature for Bug Bugs. Pest control provider is capable of heating either just the affected areas determined by canine scent detection or the entire structure/unit.

Although the cost of heat treatments is slightly higher than a conventional treatment, it alleviates the need for multiple follow up treatments or at least drastically reduces the number of Bed Bugs in one treatment. They utilizes computerized temperature monitoring devices to monitor the temperature of the areas and contents being heated. Using this system ensures that all areas and items reach the lethal temperature for Bed Bugs.  And since heat can penetrate areas where traditional chemicals and fumigants can’t, you will benefit from a complete ‘kill’.

All of their heating equipment is powered by our own electrical generator, so there is no need for costly building shut-downs. Only the areas being treated need to be vacant during the process. Once the heat treatment is completed the area is suitable for re-entry.

Heat is the safe, non-chemical alternative to pest control sprays. Heat treatments have long been recognized as an effective alternative to chemical treatments, they are 100% organic and non-toxic. Plus, there are no residues or odors with heat treatments.

Heat treatment for Bed Bugs is effective in one application, with most complete in just one day.

Heat treatment effective for bed bug control:

An outbreak of bed bugs has been sweeping the nation, with the pests showing up in major hotels, stores and in homes across the country. There are many treatment options available to get rid of bed bugs, but one that has been the most effective is heat treatment when used by a professional pest control provider.

Bed bugs can be present in a home in small numbers, but become highly evident once infestation occurs. Look for the tell-tale signs of the presence of a bed bug infestation on the body and in bed sheets. Bed bug bites will show up generally in groups of three or more spots on a hairless part of the body, since bed bugs stay away from hair. The bugs are nearly invisible, so bites are the first indicator that the pests may be a problem. Next, examine the sheets on the bed for small patches of what appear to be blood droplets or blood smears. These droplets are the feces that are left behind by bed bugs once they feed, and are an indicator of a problem with infestation.

Once bed bugs take up residence in a home, they are difficult to get rid of. The best way to exterminate the nasty bugs is, once again, heat treatment. Bed bugs are highly sensitive to heat and will die at temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius, or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat treatment should be performed only by a professional, as incorrect use of the treatment can actually cause the pests to scatter into other areas and spread the infestation rather than contain it.

Heat treatment is safe for all types of homes, apartments, hotels, dormitories and even has been used on cruise ships. It is safe for the environment, since the treatment uses no chemicals, and has been recognized as a completely safe and effective alternative treatment for many years. There are no odors or chemical residues left behind by treatment. The treatment is also effective, and has been known to get rid of bugs in one single application. That means no repeated visits for follow-up treatment. Heat can also go places where chemicals cannot go to zap the bugs that are hiding inside crevices, outlets and walls.

Look for a reputable provider of heat treatment to help exterminate bed bugs in a home, hotel or other business once and for all. The treatment is safe, effective and affordable when compared to other options.

Content Treatment:

Content Treatment is a way to complement the heat treatment and allow victims of bed bugs to keep from throwing most of their furniture away. Treatment provider has created a specific protocol to address content treatment options.

Their content treatment options include:

Mobile Heat Trailers:

Heat trailers allow theor team to remove items such as clothes and small furniture from the residence, and treat them while the interior is being treated. Once the items are in the trailer, they are heated to 140° which is above the lethal temperature for all stages of bed bugs. The items are then brought back into the residence.

Pack Tight System:

This method is also used to heat smaller items from the residence, but on a much more convenient scale. It heats up one small item, such as a backpack or shoes, at a time.

Manual Treatment:

A technician uses steam heat and vacuuming to get rid of the bed bugs on furniture or personal items.

They understand the emotional and financial stress of dealing with bed bugs, and we make every effort to save all of your personal items.

If an item is beyond repair, our team will wrap the item in a bag and dispose of it so that the bed bugs do not spread to more areas or neighboring residences.