Sleep Safe Bed Bug Encasements are made to perfectly protect all areas of your bed, not just your mattress. Bed bugs can live in every last corner of your bed, so it is best to protect your mattress, your pillows, and your box springs as well.

What is a Bed Bug Encasement?

A bed bug encasement is just an alternative name for a bed bug mattress cover, a bed bug pillow cover, or a bed bug box spring cover. It is simply a hypo-allergenic, as well as waterproof, protection barrier to keep bed bugs away.

How A Bed Bug Mattress Cover Protects You

You can use it as an alternative measure to prevent bed bugs from sneaking into your box spring or mattress, which is very difficult to treat; or you can use it as a way to keep bed bugs or other pests that may be already living in your bed from feeding on you at night. They are also a great way to protect against dust mites. You will most likely never catch site of a bed bug during the day, so you may never truly know where they’re hiding.

Available in All Sizes

One great thing about Sleep Safe Bed Bug mattress covers is that they come in every mattress size and pillowcase size. The mattress and box spring encasement sizes are as follows:

  • Twin
  • California Long Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

The pillow encasements come in the following sizes

  • Twin
  • Queen
  • King

Why Choose Sleep Safe

Tiny Zippered Teeth Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering Through the Zipper
With so many bed bug mattress covers and other bed bug protectors, it is often difficult to decide which brand is the one for you. While AllerZip continuously has the most favorable results, you will also pay a lot more for that product than you will for a Sleep Safe version.

Here are some things you should know about Sleep Safe Bed Bug Encasements:

  • Made from Evolon, an environmentally friendly fabric is cotton-like in nature and allows your skin to breath – this means no getting hot at night or waking up to rustling sounds caused by movements.
  • Ultrafine, soft allergen-proof barrier comfortably keeps you safe from dust mites, bed bug infestations, allergens, parasites, and insects.
  • Extremely durable, microfilament fabric is safe for unlimited washing and drying.
  • Has a tough barrier with microscopic pores that only clean air will be able to pass through.
  • Double lock zipper protects your bed effectively
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly with various health and environmental awards to the manufacturer for their

For the Best Results…

For the best results in your battle against bed bugs, try using an encasement like the Sleep Safe in conjunction with a natural bed bug spray or bed bug powder. You could always steam your bedding first to completely sanitize, allow to dry completely, then cover with bed bug mattress covers, bed bug box spring covers, as well as bed bug pillow covers.

Also, if your Sleep Safe mattress encasement is stiff upon arriving, try washing once to release its optimum softness. Be careful to hold the mattress while putting on your new mattress protector unless it may rip.

Sleep Safe bed bug encasements are so wonderful, it will feel like you have nothing underneath the sheets or pillowcase. Plus, they are very affordable when compared to other brand names. Don’t settle for less when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs permanently – opt for an affordable alternative that works.

Also, be sure to support your mattress when putting on your new Sleep Safe bed bug encasement and measure how deep your mattress is, so you don’t end up with a too-shallow cover.