Kistler Elementary School, in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania, has hit for news twice in the past two weeks – each time because of bed bugs discovered on pupil’s clothing.

Bed bugs in schools are become an increasing problem, infecting children’s clothing which they then bring home.

Your kids could be bringing bed bugs to and from school

The scare highlights not just how prolific bed bug infestations have become, but also how easy they are to spread through vectors like schools and colleges.

“This being the second scare in the school, I think we need to take extra precautions,” warns Kistler parent Bruce Morris. “When our children leave our houses in the morning, when we pick them up from school, and when these kids get bussed to other places like the YMCA.”

Kistler Elementary cracked down with a bed bug spray treatment over the weekend, and made all students bag up their jackets and backpacks in plastic bags as a precaution – but many parents feel that it isn’t enough.

But how do you prevent bed bugs coming home with your kids? Here are some tips you might want to consider:

  • Have your kids change as soon as they come home; and wash their school-wear in hot water, and tumble dry on high.
  • Have your kids shower after school every day, making sure they shampoo their hair.
  • Keep their school bag and jacket separate, in the porch or garage, to reduce the risk of bringing bugs inside.

Prevent bed bugs from coming home from school. Bed bugs can hitch a ride to school in jackets, scarves, book bags and gym gear.

You should also check with your children every day to make sure they haven’t been bitten by anything during the night. Bed bug bites are red and blotchy; and often appear in threes – indicating the signature “breakfast, lunch and dinner” feeding cycle of bed bugs.

If you hear of a bed bug outbreak at your school, don’t panic. Washing clothes, jackets and bags when your kids come home is often enough to help prevent bed bugs “graduating” to your home.

You can also use our 100% organic, all natural bed bug killer spray to treat book bags and other items.

You should also by sympathetic and understanding to parents who get hit by the bloodsucking bed bugs. Because bed bugs are so prolific, any family can get impacted by an infestation – it has no reflection on their cleanliness.

Treat them with support and sympathy and hopefully they will return they favor if you ever find yourself playing host to bed bugs.

And whether or not they’re tackling a bed bug problem, we recommend directing friends and parents to the all-natural bed bug killing products that are available to help them prevent or treat an infestation.

Rather than the expense and embarrassment of calling an exterminator, these products allow them to deal safely, effectively and affordably with bed bug infestation themselves.