Pyganic Dust is a popular powder treatment option for bed bugs that when used along with sprays is highly effective in killing bed bugs. The best use of this product is for spot treating bed bugs in and around cracks, crevices, behind furniture and appliances.

PyGanic Dust is a fine powder like the consistency of sugar. People, pets, and children should never come in direct contact with this dust. It is also best to remove plants from the home when using this powder in larger area.

How PyGanic Dust Works

PyGanic Dust has two active ingredients, pyrethrin and silica gel.

  • Silica Gel is not a gel, but a high porous, granular substance made from sodium silicate. Silica is a descant, meaning it dehydrates insects to kill them. Silica Gel is not poisonous.
  • The Silica Gel will however not work unless the pest is moving. The pyrethrin causes movement in the pests, which activates the Silica. Pyrethrin is a botanical insecticide made from a species of chrysanthemum plant, that has been used in pest control for hundreds of years.
  • Dust can take up to five minutes to work or longer.

How to Use PyGanic Dust to Kill Bed Bugs

  • PyGanic Dust should not come in contact with the human skin. A duster should be used to distribute the dust.
  • Do not use with or around pets and children.
  • Dust should be applied to prime areas bed bugs like to hide like  cracks, crevices, behind, furniture and appliances.
  • Do not apply around or directly to water
  • PyGanic Dust should not be used in baseboard heating, in or around forced heating/cooling ducts.
  • After use, PyGanic dust should be vacuumed and disposed of properly.

Take Caution when using PyGanic Dust

Please remember PyGanic Dust while very effective is also a poison and should only be used by people that know what they are doing like professional exterminators. For self bed bug extermination, a bed bug powder treatment that is non hazardous like Diatomaceous Earth may be a better option for controlling bed  bugs.