Bed bugs can be anywhere and when we think of daycare’s we tend to think nothing can happen (at least we hope) when send our children off for the day. That’s not quite true – many day cares are actually like mini travel hubs for bed bugs. Kids from all over congregate in one area and the bed bugs are free to hitch a ride on another kids backpacks into an unsuspecting home full of new humans to feed on. Even expensive high-end daycare’s can have bed bugs so don’t fool yourself into a false sense of security.

So protect your kids when you send them off to daycare or bed bugs could become their new playmates – eww!

Bed Bug Tips For School & Daycare

  • Always check clothing, back packs, blankets, lunch kits and other items daily any signs of bed bugs. Check the items before you send your kid to school or daycare AND when you pick them up.
  • Don’t send along stuffed animals or blankets unless you absolutely have to (I know my son won’t go anywhere without his teddy). They are a haven for bed bugs.
  • If possible, have your child hang up their coat at daycare or school – and try to keep it separate from the rest of the coats (not rubbing or touching). Otherwise bed bugs may see this as a novel opportunity to hitch a ride.
  • Educate yourself and your children and know what to look for when looking for bed bugs. Read this guide on how to check for bed bugs to learn about signs of bed bugs and what to look for.
  • If your child’s daycare of school offers cubbie holes, take advantage of them. The more space and material between your personal items and other peoples items the better.
  • If the daycare center has cribs or other playpens they should be using bedbug proof crib mattress covers or encasement’s. This will prevent bed bugs from lingering in the crib mattress and hitching a ride later on.
  • If the daycare doesn’t provide crib mattress covers you can always suggest it, or even bring your own.
  • Inspect your child and their clothing for bed bugs each day after daycare or school. If you find a bed bug, kill it with isopropyl alcohol and be sure to get in contact with the daycare or school to let them know they have a bedbug problem.
  • If your child has bed bug bites they are probably going to be itchy. If they complain of itchiness you can read this quick guide on treating bed bug bites and relieving the associated itch.
  • If you have any reason to suspect bed bugs on your child’s clothing be sure to wash it at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. This will kill any bed bugs that may be hiding in the clothing.

If you follow the above safety tips your child (and your home) should be relatively safe from bed bugs. Bed bug prevention is the best way to eliminate a potentially disgusting, and very annoying bed bug problem.