Home Remedies – Are There any Natural Non-Toxic Bed Bug Sprays and Alternative Treatments to Chemicals That Work?

If you have pets and children or simply want to eliminate bed bugs using a spray or powder that won’t induce neurological problems, you have some options. Even if you aren’t bothered by the thought of fumigating your sanctuary, another concern with bed bug pesticide use is the growing evidence that bed bugs are developing resistance to insecticidal products that have pyrethroids as an active ingredient. This follows the same trend found many years ago when DDT was the accepted treatment; by 1956, DDT resistance was so widespread that the control method had to be changed to Malathion. When bed bugs stop responding to a certain pesticide, exterminators overcompensate by increasing the amounts of chemicals used in each treatment. This is a dangerous practice.

With these trends in mind, what are your options for non-toxic ways of getting rid of bed bugs?

How to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally

Natural oils such as Cedar Oil and Neem Oil are used as insect repellents quite widely, and there is evidence that Neem Oil repels bed bugs [source]: “One component of Neem Oil is Azadirachtin which is chemically active against a wide range of insects. It acts as a feeding inhibitor and life cycle disrupter on anything that picks it up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a significant residual effect.” In other words, these natural essential oils work only if they are applied DIRECTLY to the bed bugs. Oils are contact kills. So if you or your exterminator can see a big group of bed bugs bunched together, and you dump a load of some type of Cedarwood oil on the unsuspecting little bloodsucking bodies, then this method of bed bug eradication will work. The problem is that most bed begs are hidden in the cracks between wood, or somewhere in your box spring frame or headboard. For bed bugs unseen, residual killers (DDT, other harsh chemicals that break down more slowly and thus stick around to disrupt the bug’ nervous system) is usually more effective for long-term bed bug elimination. Plus, dispersing a bed bug population via isolated contact kills is going to increase the difficultly of eradication, so you might as well use one inclusive method and hit ‘em hard.

Killing Bed Bugs with heat is another viable non-toxic option gaining in popularity and effectiveness, depending on the size of bed bug infestation. Heating the infested space is effective because it alters a bed bug’s natural environment. Pesticides are losing their effectiveness as bed bugs increase resilience, and toxic chemicals are waning in popularity with the public. Heat is a cost-effective and environmentally friendlier killing method; several sources (Usinger 1966, Gulmahamad 2002, Quarles 2007) report that adult and nymph bed bugs die within 15 minutes (and eggs after 60 minutes) at temperatures greater than 120ºF. Raising room temperatures above the thermal death point and maintaining that temperature for several hours normally eliminates a bed bug infestation.

NonToxic Bed Bug Control:

Bedbugs are usual these days and all people are suffer these problem. Bed bugs can be control by the homeowner and businessperson without any pesticide , the bed bugs control with nontoxic materials , 10 important ways are given below

  1. By to clean up in the physical vacuum cleaner or manually, and delete them. Even though I do yoga, I do not approve of killing insects. Stepping is acceptable.
  2. Remove the complexity. Bedbugs love to snuggle up clothes, newspaper, Junk Mountain. Dr. King shows a photograph of the place is possible to remove the bedbugs was almost impossible, there is a lot to it is rolling do junk mountain and clothes and crap underneath. Remove the more you mess, it is that the easy is it to maintain a bedbug.
  3. Washing the WEEKLY of your bedding. If you are having a bedbug problem, you, please make sure that you are using the dryer heat. Bedbugs, I hate the heat.
  4. Wrap your pillow and mattress. They are beautiful and easy to periodically remove.
  5. Please clean with a hot steamer. Again, bedbugs, I hate the heat. Please so as to avoid the base board and the crack (see number 2).
  6. Please put up an interceptor to climb under the legs of furniture. One proposal, but is to put your bed legs in a can of soapy water, it is if you do not want to fly at your home, you can try to apply petroleum jelly or hard liquor instead.
  7. Open your windows! You (in your mouth, I come out in Jesus open anyone) sleep as the CO2 you come out of your mouth via the bedbugs when you breathe, because I love you, I opened the window, since the CO2 dispersed in the room, and it is left to the bedbugs, which creates a much more attractive free environment.
  8. Please use a fan. So too there are also a lot of fresh air and the wind bug is the same concept as the number 7 If you cannot find your pocket of CO2, they will go to the house of your neighbor instead.
  9. Create a dog dish and dry ice trap. According to Wang, this really works! Put the dry ice in a dish of dog, bugs, as in this kind of cloth or some paper, it covers the outside of things and the dish can climb. They are, to climb because of the CO2; you will not be able to get them out.
  10. Please try the diatomaceous earth. It comes from algae skeleton or something like that dead, fighter of the past to be naturally occurring, to you can get it online, but you will need to carefully use it, it is it does not work. I use it, I remember my grandfather, it is believed still organic. Thanks to the microscopic sharp edges of the staff, it is equivalent to put the tack on the deck of a ship in order to prevent piracy.

Natural Bed Bug Remedies:

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on how to get rid of bed bugs.  I’m trying to learn all the different methods so that I can find the one that I’m comfortable with and that will get the job done.  I don’t want to use a lot of dangerous chemicals that could hurt my two girls, but I don’t want to try a bunch of half-baked solutions that don’t really work, either.

I came across some natural solutions that sound intriguing.  We try to live sustainably and “be green” here in the house, so I first investigated natural methods to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Heat. Even if you use a professional exterminator, you are going to be supplementing his pesticides with heat.  You’re always advised to steam clean everything in a room with bed bugs, including clothing, bookcases, rugs – well, pretty much anything with a surface for the bugs to live on.  Heat is going to be a part of your efforts no matter what, but the more I read, the more it became apparent that heat can’t do the job all on its own.  You must combine using heat with other bed bug extermination methods.
  • Cold. Bed bugs can be frozen out, in a manner of speaking.  Temperatures below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) will kill bed bugs, but not instantly.  If you have a room infested with bed bugs, you could choose to put your mattress, pillows, and box spring in a low temperature environment for about 2 weeks.  For most people, this is a tall order, but it is a natural solution that will work.  You still would need to treat the rest of the room in some other method, unless you can seal off the room and open the window during cold weather for an extended period of time.  This method seems impractical for many people, but it is a way to kill bed bugs.
  • Dogs. I actually learned about this one from one of my girls, who was watching a TV episode on the home and garden channel about a couple trying to get rid of bed bugs!  Dogs can be trained to sniff out bed bugs, so you can target the specific location where they’re living.  The only problem with this method is that bugs could get missed if the dog trainer isn’t very careful with handling the dog.  However, you can hire a trainer and dog to come out and sniff after other treatment methods are used to ensure that all traces of bed bugs are gone.

But your approach to bed bugs should always begin with prevention, and the #1 preventative strategy is mattress protectors. I like the selection at Bed Bug Supply. They KNOW bed bugs!