Bringing bed bugs home from a trip away, or in a new bag of clothes, is a common concern to many. But new data warns that the danger may already be waiting for you at home.

Bed Bug interceptors act as an early warning system to get the jump on your bed bugs control plan.

Rutgers University report the value of Bed Bug Interceptors:

North Carolina State University entomologist Ed Vargo has spent months collecting bed bug samples from apartment blocks, hospitals and hotels across America’s east coast – and one important thing has become clear: In infested buildings, all the bed bugs were genetically related.

What does that mean, exactly? That you’re far more likely to fall victim to an infestation from bed bug ridden neighbors than from bringing home a bed bug from a movie theater or hospital.

“The data suggests that those introduction events are probably kind of rare,” said Vargo. “If successful bedbug invasions were common, we should see more genetic diversity within the same building.”

This is why apartment dwellers can’t afford to be complacent about bed bug control – even if they aren’t exposed to potential infestation through common vectors; like hotel stays, trips to the movie theater or frequent clothing purchases from potentially infected stores.

Rutgers University recently warned in the Journal of Economic Entomology: “We hypothesize that bed bugs frequently move to the entry door area of an apartment and from there disperse into adjacent apartments via the hallways. Bed bug infestations have potential to spread into many rooms within a building after introduction.”

Interceptors allow you find identify the sign of bed bugs early before a severe infestation occurs.

In addition to on bed legs and couchs, the Rutgers research team used Interceptors outside doorways to track bed bugs

But there is some good news. For people living in apartment blocks or condos, the report also highlighted the value of bed bug interceptors in identifying the signs of bed bugs.

“Bed bug interceptors are an effective tool in estimating bed bug populations and evaluating the effectiveness of bed bug management programs – and providing peace of mind to concerned residents that they do not have bed bugs in their apartments.”

This means there’s value to using bed bug interceptors even if residents haven’t identified an infestation. They work as an “early warning system” to let residents know of the presence of bed bugs, and tackle the problem before it becomes a true “infestation.”

The Journal of Economic Entomology itself concludes: “The advantage of installing interceptors is pronounced, as they catch the few bed bugs present, reduce the risk of population build-up, and could reduce the need for application of pesticides.”