Most people who are easily irritated and develop allergic reactions to most commercial house cleaning products often look for natural solutions for bed bugs extermination when dealing with bed bugs. Natural solutions are even more important when there are children and pets in the home. Fortunately, there are various methods to kill bedbugs and eliminate them from beds, clothing, and linens without using harsh chemicals.

Advantages of Using Natural Solutions

Aside from being safe for use, there are other advantages that come with using natural solutions for bed bug problems. For one, natural solutions are cheaper. They are also often found in the home, which makes them more accessible compared to commercial pesticides. Most pesticides are harmful to animals and small children even in small amounts, which mean that they cannot be used in areas where animals and children are allowed. This necessitates the use of natural and less-harmful alternatives that is safe for children and pets. For example, steam treatments do not use any chemicals, so the linens treated by steam are safe for use in children’s beds, mattresses, pillows, and clothing.

Homemade Solutions for Solving the Bed Bug Problem

The most common solution for bed bugs is rubbing alcohol. Spraying alcohol in spaces that are commonly infested with these bugs can kill them instantly. However, this is a temporary solution, since bugs are not present in one area alone. Other options include the use pyrethins and canola oil, which work by shutting down the bug’s nervous system, and are also effective at killing bug eggs. Steam treatments are great for eliminating problems especially in mattresses and upholstered furniture. This is very effective in areas where the infiltration is ½ an inch or less. Dry heat is also another harmless and effective alternative that does not use any chemicals. This is perfect for removing bed bugs from footwear, rugs, stuffed toys, and bags, especially children’s backpacks. Infected clothes can be dried simultaneously to kill any bed bugs that are present.

The cheapest natural remedy for bed bugs extermination is the sun. Sun drying linens, clothes, mattresses, and other items infested with these annoying little critters is as effective as putting them all in the dryer. However, sun drying is more economical and removes bugs from all these items all at once.

Homeowners do not need to purchase harsh cleaning chemicals to rid their homes of their bedbug problem. One can find that ordinary home products such as vegetable oils, rubbing alcohol, and steam, all of which are readily available in the kitchen, are very effective in exterminating these bugs. The sun also offers a potent and free solution for bed bugs extermination that is as effective as any commercial pesticide.

Tips on How to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally:

There are several ways to kill bed bugs without resorting to chemical means. Killing bed bugs naturally is better for the home and its occupants. Children and pets are more prone to the harsh effects of using pesticides and insecticides. Bedbugs can also develop an immunity to chemicals, making them less likely to disappear the next time pesticides or insecticides are sprayed in the room. Consider the following tips to exterminating the critters. Keep in mind that bed bugs spread easily and quickly. Diligence is necessary to ensuring a bed bug free home or living space.

Temperatures to Kill Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can live in environments from temperatures as close to freezing to as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit. To kill bed bugs, the pests must be exposed to temperatures outside their comfort zone. In deserts and arid regions, residents often hang their bedding outside their home to expose the pests to the scorching sun. Residents living in regions that are more temperate may use boiling water instead to wash garments, bedding and other items. For travelers and homeowners, using the highest setting on a hair dryer may also work. Soaking the infected items in ice cold water may also work. However, this method will take longer than using high temperatures.

These little insects can live and multiply in the smallest cracks and crevices. When cleaning the room, make sure to check corners and even behind switch plates. Dark crevices such as these are favorite hiding places for these pests. Vacuuming the home and items is also a great way of keeping bed bugs at bay. Devices with adjustable nozzles or heads are effective in getting into those hard to reach places. Consistent vacuuming is good for controlling their spread.

Using Nature to Kill Bed Bugs

Certain herbs, spices and minerals can also be used to kill bed bugs. For instance, tea tree oil has been found to be effective in exterminating the pests. Keep a small bottle of tea tree oil when traveling. Mix the essence with some water and spray the liquid concoction over beds when staying in a hotel. Doing this simple routine before bedtime reduces the chances of being bitten while asleep or staying in the hotel. The use of diatomaceous earth is also becoming popular. Also referred to as diatomite, this naturally occurring substance is found on rocks and can be crushed into fine powder. Spread a minute amount of this powder in areas prone to infestation.  As a type of rock, it does not evaporate or break down over time. This method can kill bed bugs months or even years after the powder is first applied.