Bed Bugs and Diatomaceous Earth or Bed Bug Powder

How can you save hundreds of dollars when you are trying to exterminate bed bugs from your home? If you are searching for an inexpensive and non-toxic way to kill bed bugs yourself without spending an arm an a leg on bed bug treatment, diatomaceous earth is the solution you have been searching for. Diatomaceous earth is probably the best solution to kill bed bugs because it is naturally occurring and not harmful to pets and humans.

What is Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth or “bed bug powder” occurs naturally and is a soft silica sedimentary rock that crumbles easily into an off-white powder. Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized diatoms, which are microscopic single celled hard shelled aquatic algae. Diatomaceous earth is mined and then ground up and sold in several different forms. Two of these forms are food grade and a type that they use in filters. You do not want to get the filtration type because it is chemically treated and is for use in pools and is harmful to humans. The type of diatomaceous earth you want to get is food grade which is used for many many things but most importantly as an insect killer.

What Does Diatomaceous Earth do to Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous earth does significant harm to bed bugs and is possibly the best natural and oldest form of “pesticide” known to man. So how does diatomaceous earth kill bed bugs and what exactly does it do to them? Diatomaceous earth as we know is made up of ground up fossilized diatoms, which to bed bugs and other insects is like crawling through broken glass. These ground of diatoms scratch and strip the waxy outer coat from the bed bugs exoskeleton. Once the exoskeleton’s waxy outer layer becomes stripped away it causes the bed bug to be unable to keep the necessary nutrients and fluid in its body which causes dehydration and the bed bug will eventually die.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth or “Bed Bug Dust”

Diatomaceous earth should be sprinkled wherever you may think bed bugs are lurking. You should place the diatomaceous earth in the cracks, corners, and along the baseboards of your room. The bed bug dust should be sprinkled on the floor beneath and close to the bed. Also it would be a good idea to dust the mattress with diatomaceous earth especially along the tufts and folds and between the box spring and mattress. You can sprinkle the diatomaceous earth wherever you want as long as it doesn’t upset your day-to-day living because bed bugs will hide wherever they can.

Just remember though that diatomaceous earth is not a miracle worker. Diatomaceous earth does kill bed bugs but will not kill all the bed bugs. You will need to use all the tools you can find to combat these tenacious vermin. They are very resilient and hard to kill, no matter what tools you use you will have to repeat the process over and over