Using a Steamer to Kill Bed Bugs

So are you looking for an effective tool for ridding yourself of bed bugs? Do you feel bed bugs crawling on you in the middle of the night and feel itchy when you awaken in the morning? Are you looking for a safe an effective way to kill bed bugs without poisoning you and your family? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then getting a steamer to kill bed bugs maybe a good option for you.

Using a steamer is an excellent method for instantly killing bed bugs on contact. You can kill bed bugs with a steamer anywhere you know there is an infestation by just spraying the area with the steamer. The areas that you might have to spray could be the floors, carpets, ceiling, walls, dresser drawers, base boards, mattress, headboard, cracks in the wall, couches, and your clothes.

The steamer method for killing bed bugs is safe because the only thing in the steamer is hot water. This is good for you, your family, and the environment, because their are no chemicals added to harm any of these things. Also their is no chemical smell or harmful pesticides that you have to worry about or smell for days.
Buying and using a steamer is a wise choice if you want to kill bed bugs yourself.

It is a well known fact that bed bugs cannot tolerate heat, as they will die under extreme temperatures ranging from 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The steamer reaches temperatures near or above 180 degrees Fahrenheit and will kill bed bugs, their eggs, and their nymphs upon contact.

Using a steamer is not always the safest or least damaging of tools to use when you are trying to kill bedbugs yourself, their are unfortunately some drawbacks. With the high temperatures that steamers reach, if mishandled there is a possibility that you can get burned. Another drawback is that when using a steamer to kill bed bugs you can damage the surfaces of the areas you are treating if you allow the steamer to stay in the same spot to long.

Using a steamer to kill bed bugs yourself overall is a resourceful and powerful tool that does kill bed bugs on contact. Even if there is a possibility that you can burn yourself with the steamer due to the high temperatures, if the steamer is handled properly it will minimize the chance that you will even get burned. With the use of the steamer you don’t have to deal with the odor of chemical or the chance that the bed bugs become tolerant to the chemicals because heat will always kill them.

Overall using steam to kill bed bugs is an excellent method for killing bed bugs. The steamer should help you to be able to kill most of the bed bugs. However it is always best to use as many tools and resources that you can get your hands on as bed bugs are extremely resilient creatures.

Steam cleaning works to eradicate bed bugs:

With bed bug infestations and fears sweeping the nation, homeowners are looking for ways to tell if they have bed bugs and, if they do, are searching for safe ways to get rid of the problem. While no treatment is absolutely foolproof, certain treatments, such as steam cleaning, are highly effective at ridding a home of the pests when used by a licensed commercial provider.

Bed bugs are tiny, microscopic pests that can cause a big problem in a home. It is possible to tell bed bugs are in a home by looking first in two places: the body and the sheets. On bedsheets, bed bugs will show their presence by leaving behind what appears to be a tiny blood splatter, or blood smears. This marking is the feces left behind by bed bugs and is a telltale sign that they are present in a home. A second way to know if a home has the bugs is to look at areas of the body without any hair for small red bite marks. Some marks will swell and others will not, but they will be present on hairless areas since the bugs do not like hair.

Once the signs of bed bugs are found, it is time to seek treatment. Options for treatments at home are viable, but none are as effective as anything performed by a professional. A home- and environmentally-friendly treatment option is steam cleaning.

Bed bugs are highly sensitive to heat, and levels of 97 degrees Fahrenheit and upwards have been known to kill the pests in large numbers. A steam cleaner is especially effective because the steam can penetrate areas that sprays, powders and other sometimes harmful substances cannot, including cracks, crevices and even the insides of mattresses. Another reason steam is a good killer is because it will take care of full-sized bugs as well as eggs and developing pests.

A pest control company that uses steam cleaning will give the resident of the home or workers of a business to be treated a list of things to do before their arrival. These things generally include washing all linens and sealing up everything that has been exposed to the bugs, including electronics, inside plastic bags. Once the site is fully inspected and prepared, a pest control worker will bring a steam cleaning machine that produces a high temperature into the area. A common starting point for any bed bug treatment are mattresses. Any bugs that survive the treatment will move to other areas, where they can then be eradicated on the next sweep.

Any reputable pest control provider will do a full and thorough cleaning of the area, including mattress seams, beneath handles and labels on the mattress, inside and outside the base of the bed and the headboard and foot board. The fabric on the bottom of the box springs will be removed for treatment of the inside of the mattress, but it can be easily reattached. Other furniture will be treated in the same manner, along with curtains, carpet, rugs and even crevices in walls.

Many times a good steam treatment will get rid of bugs in a single pass, but sometimes multiple uses are necessary. Contact any pest control service to see if they offer steam treatment for eradication of bed bugs.