Bed bugs infesting hotels is an ever-growing problem. Staying in a hotel room that has a bed bug infestation puts you at very high-risk of bringing the little blood suckers back home with you. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to prevent bed bugs when traveling.

Who is at Risk?

Bed bugs are not very particular when it comes to choosing a hotel to stay in. There is as much risk of bed bugs at a five-star hotel as there is at a one star. Unfortunately, most bed bugs problems in hotels or motels go unnoticed or are never reported.

Steps to Take Before Leaving Home

  1. Check the Bed Bug Registry for any cases of bed bugs infestation before booking a room.
  2. Use bed bug proof luggage and garment bags to protect your belongings.
  3. Bed bug spray found at can be used as a preventive measure on your luggage.

When You Arrive at the Hotel

  1. Keep your luggage inside the car, by the door before stepping foot into the room, or place it in the bathtub temporarily.
  2. Closely check the headboard, mattress, box spring, and sheets for any signs of bed bugs.
  3. Look in the drawers and inspect all furniture.
  4. Don’t be afraid to move items around, look under and around everything, even if this means flipping the mattress upside down.
  5. Use a flashlight because some hotels are dimly lit. Always be sure you have enough light to do a thorough investigation.
  6. Use the bed bug spray on and around where you will be placing your luggage. If you’ve already sprayed your luggage, you should spray it again.
  7. After staying a night, check your sheets in the morning for blood stains or bed bug feces.
  8. Also, check your body for bed bug bites.  Remember that bite marks take time to form.

What to Do if You Find Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

  1. Leave the room immediately.
  2. Contact the front desk for a room change.
  3. When arriving home, wash yourself and all of your belongings in hot water.

As you can see from the above, preventing bed bugs when traveling is not a simple task. There is always the chance you could unknowingly bring them home, but following the above guidelines should allow you to sleep better at night, no matter where you are sleeping.