bed bug epidemic is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. These annoying little bug infiltrate linens, clothing, and sleeping areas and cause itching and irritation on the skin. In some cases, people who are allergic to insect bites can suffer from anaphylactic shock after being bitten by these bugs. Bedbugs are commonly found in areas that have a high turnover of various overnight guests, but they can also be found in high numbers in ordinary homes. There are some things one can do to prevent a bed bug epidemic from happening.

Preventing Bedbugs at Home

Regular cleaning of linens and bed spaces is important when it comes to preventing the accumulation of bedbugs.  Using special cleaning solutions that come infused with pesticides work great to remove bedbugs after one washing. For severe bedbug problems, one needs to wash the linens in hot water to kill the organisms before dry steaming the linens. It is also useful to purchase a steamer and treat mattresses on a weekly basis. Beds suspected to contain bedbugs should be isolated and treated before returned to the room, and rooms should be vacuumed thoroughly before treated mattresses are reintroduced. There are kits that contain a bellows for drawing out the bugs from hard to reach areas, which are useful when giving an infested room a floor-to-ceiling clean up before reintroducing treated mattresses and beds. Finally, it is a good idea to avoid buying used linens and mattresses. These may contain bedbugs that could contribute to a bedbug epidemic in a home that previously was free of any problems.

Preventing Bedbugs on the Road

People tend to be bitten by bedbugs when staying in infested hotel rooms and even during long flights in bug-infested planes. Therefore, it is important to choose hotel rooms with proven sanitary records. When staying in a hotel for the first time, it is important to inspect the beds and the room for any signs of bedbugs. Most hotels will be happy to either give the room another cleaning or book guests in cleaner rooms upon request. It is also important to treat travel clothes, luggage, and linens upon arriving home so that no organisms are transferred from the hotel to the home.

Bedbugs are irritating and annoying creatures that are found everywhere. Aside from causing skin irritations, they can also cause of potentially life threatening allergic reactions. The tips mentioned above can help homeowners and frequent travelers reduce their chances of allowing a bed bug epidemic from happening in their homes.