Bed bugs are quite efficient in multiplying their clan in hundreds or even thousands! Female bed bugs lay eggs at the rate of 4-5 per day. The average hatching time for eggs is about 7-10 days. At the rate of eggs hatching daily, bed bugs easily infest a house in a short period, since home environment is quite favorable to reproduce. There are a number of ways to combat the infestation of bed bugs. Home remedies, natural ways, professional bug treatments are some of the known ways to get rid of bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs at home?

Before seeking qualified help from pest-control authorities, try the conventional home remedies. The efficacy of these remedies though not concrete can have some impact on bed bugs. These are generally safe on children and pets. However, these remedies may not work when the infestation is severe.

  1. Hot Wash: Keep the curtains, linen, and anything that is washable clean by washing them regularly in the hottest setting of the washing machine. Studies show that bed bugs cannot withstand a temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. To have the maximum impact on the bed bugs, wash them regularly in super-hot temperature.
  2. Steam: Point hot steam machines at furniture upholstery, curtains, carpets, mattress, and box springs to kill bedbugs as well as its eggs.
  3. Vacuum: Vacuum every corner of the house, cupboards and hard to reach corners, such as fans, ceiling crevices, furniture, back of electric switch plates, etc. Remember to throw the vacuumed contents in a tight sealed bag. Make the maximum use of adjustable nozzles and heads to reach every corner of the house. Vacuum the house again.
  4. Diatomaceous Earth: Spread the food grade diatomaceous earth powder generously in the infested areas. This non-toxic bed bug powder kills bugs naturally. Diatomaceous Earth found on the rock surfaces, have sharp edges that cut the bed bugs and dehydrates the eggs to kill them before the mature and hatch. It is one of the effective home remedies to curb bedbugs.
  5. Tea Tree oil: There is no proven evidence that tea tree oil can get rid of bed bugs. Nevertheless, diluted form of tea tree oil on the mattress can kill bed bugs. Tea tree oil can also be sprayed (mixed in water) on carpets, headboards and sideboards where the bed bugs generally infest.

What are some precautions that can prevent bed bug infestation?

  1. Chances of picking up bed bugs from any public place such as hotels are very high. Check the luggage carefully before checking out of the hotel and check again after reaching home to kill them immediately.
  2. Infestation is high in second hand furniture. Dead bugs, eggs, skins are often present in used furniture. Avoid buying such furniture or clean them thoroughly before using it.
  3. Mattress encasement – is a woven case, which prevents the bed bugs away from infesting the mattress. It even kills the existing ones in the mattress since they cannot escape out of the encasement.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Make Sure They Never Come Back

After you have confirmed that there is a bedbug infestation at home, it is time to know how to get rid of bed bugs. If you do not get rid of the bed bugs, then they will keep reproducing and before you know it, they will have filled every crack in the furniture and every dark space in the bedroom. Bed bugs have made a comeback. That is what reports say. After the DDT was banned in the ’90s after it was ascertained that it was toxic, the bed bugs have been having a field day molesting many urban homeowners. The good thing though is that even though they develop resistance to insecticides, it is still east to get rid of bedbugs. Just read on.

Ok, cleaning up is a good way of getting rid of the little critters. You have to know that they did not infest your home because you were not clean but they came because you collected one adult bug or their eggs from the outdoors or from some hotel. In that case, you need to know that high standards of personal and home hygiene will not keep them away. The smart thing for you to do is to embark on a terminator mission and know how to get rid of bed bugs at home for good. You can do it on your own by buying the right product and spraying everywhere, but if you are not sure, there are better ways that we can help you get rid of bed bugs for good.

Information is the key. First, you have to be informed about what bed bugs are, how to get rid of them and how to make sure that they stay away for good. It is every important that you make sure that they do not come back. Therefore, this means that you not only find out how to get rid of bed bugs, but you also know how to get rid of their eggs too. You can find out whether there are pest control specialists near your area and hire them. They will do a thorough job of ensuring that they kill all the bed bugs using the highest quality products. Again, if there is need for a repeat action, they will still do it and you can get rid of the bed bugs for good. With the bed bugs infestation becoming a very common threat today, even the government is showing concern and therefore you can be sure that you will get all the help that you need to stop their breeding.

How to get rid of bed bugs with home remedies

It is very important that you know a few home remedies for getting rid of bedbugs is that you can do it whenever you suspect that they could be coming back. If anything is anything to go by, most likely, if there has ever been an infestation chances are that the bed bugs will one day erupt again. They are so good at hiding and therefore when you think that you have gotten rid of them all and their eggs, something will always be left behind. Therefore, if you know how to get rid of them on your own, you can always embark on an e extermination mission and give your home a passing over to ensure that they never come back.

In knowing how to get rid of bed bugs, there are a few steps involved in the process. You do not wake up just one morning and embark on the mission. You have to make ample preparations. For example, you have to get all the products ready. First, you have to identify the magnitude of the problem, you have to find out just what you are dealing with. The bigger the problem, the more preparation you will have to do so that you make sure that they never come back. Bed bugs will stay in places where they can easily access human beings, so look for them in the beddings, in the box spring, headboards and the seams of mattresses and bed linens. First spread out everything in the open. If you are smart, you will want to sanitize the whole bedroom so that you not only now how to get rid of bedbugs but so that you also keep them away for good.

After you have known how big a bed bug infestation you are dealing with, it will be time to invest in some products like bed bug sprays or bed bug powder. Depending on how big this problem is, you may have to spend more or less. Just buy what is well reputed in the market and then sprinkle the whole house with the bed bug powder. Sprinkle every area, including the headboards. If you have chosen the right powder, it will draw the bed bugs from their hiding places. Again, you must have some spray so that you can spray the beddings. Start with the mattresses because bed bugs will hide in deep spaces in the mattresses. Therefore, the spray should be able to penetrate all the way and get the bugs from their hiding places. Just get the right product to get rid of bed bugs.

After using the powder and sprays, you need to get a steamer to steam the mattresses and then you can wash the beddings with hot water. The essence of temperature is that it will get rid of the bed bugs eggs too. Any bed bugs that may have escaped the powder and the sprays will be killed in hot water.

Now, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you need to know how to make sure that the bed bugs never come back, not if you can help it. Therefore, you need to embark on the right preventive measures by buying bed bug proof mattress encasements. You can also buy some bed bug monitors and traps for use at home. Though costly, you don’t want the blood feasters to come back again, do you? For home treatments, alcohol is just superb and therefore you should always have some at home. If you suspect that the bed bugs are coming back, just rub some on the beds, the mattresses and the furniture and you will know soon enough whether you are infested. How to get rid of bed bugs is as easy as explained above. Persist until they all go away.

Bed Bug Treatment and easily Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Home:

Bed bugs once a common public health pest worldwide, declining and outbreak the mid 20th century. Bedbugs have sustained a dramatic worldwide resurrection since they have now, resulted counteraction to common insecticides.bed bugs are one of the great travelers of the world and are, easily transported via luggage clothing and furniture etc.

Bed bug treatment and easily to get rid of bed bugs in home:

  • Take your infested bedding to the laundry.
  • Vacuum a seal and scrub.
  • Starve them.
  • Treat any animals associated with bed bugs or remove them from your property

Take your infested bedding to the laundry:

Do you wake up particularly with small insects clustered around your arms neck back?

Be your mattress and bedding dotted with dark reddish spot smears?

Is the bed bugs molted skin present?

And does your bedding have mini sweet “rotting   fruit” smell?

Washes your bed cover pillow cover and all clothes in hot saponaceous water at a temperature of 120 degrees .Your washing machine hot water setting should the trick. A normal household dryer setting is typically hot adequate to kill bedbugs so dry all bed sheets cover pillow cover and clothes   using your dryer’s greatest heat setting.bed bugs cannot endure, in hot dryer long then your bedding 20 to 30 minutes. This setting can damage few fabrics. Be sure to conductance your bedding and from the contamination of clothing towels there laundered items.

Vacuum seal and scrub:

Run your vacuum and across your mattress and under the bed frame , under your bed and across your all furniture . Be very thorough in all cleft and fracture where bed bugs, eggs, and other fragment are hiding. Dispose of your vacuum bag in your outside garbage container. Wrap your mattress planned, bed bug-proof covertures. These prevent to bed bugs from able to veil and make nests in your mattress. Finally, spray and scrub all hard surfaces with a good brush or disposable rag and special dust or pesticide sprays for bed bugs. Remember, some items may require multiple treatments and could be dangerous to children and pets. Products make a bid to be eco-friendly should still be used following to indication

Starve them:

Bed bug are resistance to most over the counter pesticide .worse bed bugs are very good hiding .even if you have treated your bed furniture clothing and personal effect , and bed bug my still thriving under your carpet ,in your walls and in other inaccessible areas in your home.

The way to kill bed bug and refuse them and their main source food, you and your family .you have to nearly to chosen from, nearly all of which are planned to take on bedbugs while you sleep. Whether your own scent traps, exercise care. Excessive amounts carbon dioxide can because severe injuries if not handled properly risky .and be sure to dispose of enmeshing insects as soon as possible .otherwise you run spreading bed bugs thought at home.

Treat any animals connected with bed bugs or remove them from your property:

Bed bugs do not live hosts like fleas and ticks. bed bugs only feed on their hosts. And bed bug prefers to feed on the human. Pets can also be susceptible to bed bugs or may even be responsible   for getting them into your home. Pet binding and even certain stuffed toys can harbor bed bugs and you should influence them as you would your own bedding, furniture and personal items. If you have to throw away any pet related items due to bed bugs mark them in a plastic bag to prevented any bugs from escaping and clearly mark that item as infested .And checking with your local government or sanitation department to make sure that follow all ordinances and policies related to the despoils of these items. If you have any existing issue with birds nesting or bats perching in your chimney attic etc, consider the human option for removing these animals from your property.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs:

Before you try to find out how to get rid of bed bugs it is important to understand some other fundamental areas. These will ultimately help you establish the severity of your issue and, further to that, the optimal way for you to implement a bed bugs treatment plan.

1. What do bed bugs look like?

Unless you know what you are dealing with, it will be almost impossible to find an appropriate solution. It is easy to spot and encounter an itch after you wake up but that is not enough to know if your house has been indeed invaded or infected by bed bugs. Now, bed bugs are tiny brown or reddish brown oval shaped insects that are not normally visible to naked eye. They vary in size from a quarter of an inch to especially large ones measuring close to half an inch. There is a notable distinction between adult bed bugs and newborns. 

Get rid of Bed bugs:

Washing and cleaning of your fabrics or keeping your house clean and hygienic has nothing to do with the breakout of bed bugs, their thriving or getting rid of them. You cannot get rid of bed bugs with standard washing powders or any cleaning soaps or detergents.

Outlined below are the primary methods for how to get rid of bed bugs from your home:

Steam Cleaning – This is one of the most popular and effective ways to get rid of bed bugs, as bed bugs are highly susceptible to high/extreme temperature. First you would have to identify the fabrics, clothes and linen that have been affected by bed bugs. Once you have done this, you would have to use steam (no less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit) to get rid of these blood sucking tiny insects. Steam of lower temperature would be ineffective.

The appropriate steam cleaner equipment can be rented or purchased if required, with a range of suitable steam cleaners available.

If you can create the required settings outlined above, you can get rid of bed bugs on your own (however the use of a professional would always be recommended to ensure the issue is properly dealt with).

Sunlight – You can spread out all the affected bed sheets, lamp covers, sofas and other articles that may have bed bugs under the sun. Note, the winter sun would be ineffective if you are living up north. If it is summer then keeping the materials affected under the sun for a few days can be a way to get rid of bed bugs. Having said that, to do this may not be entirely practical for a lot of households.

Insecticides – There are several pesticides and insecticides in the market that act as bed bug repellants. You can easily use them. As a matter of fact, these are more effective since with steam cleaning and sunlight, unless you are an experienced professional, then chances are that the bed bugs would still be living after you have tried to get rid of them.

Specialist – This is possibly the last option but hiring a specialist would be the wisest idea in the majority of instances. They know how to get rid of bed bugs and also know how to completely cleanse your home of their harboring areas.