Bedbug infestations have become more common in recent years. For a while, the number of incidences of bedbug infestations had decreased, primarily due to the introduction of a pesticide called DDT, but when DDT was made illegal due to concerns of toxicity, the bedbugs began making a resurgence. In fact, exterminators now say the bed bug infestations are almost as common in residential homes as cockroach or termite invasions.

Bedbugs are tiny parasitic bugs that feast on the blood of warm blooded animals and humans. The name “bed bug” comes from the insect’s habitat of beds where people sleep. While they are not strictly nocturnal, bedbugs are usually active at night and can feed on their hosts without being noticed.

Since the reinfestation of the United States started on the east coast, at least as best as anyone else can confirm, so exterminators in Maryland, New York, New Jersey have the most experience with eliminating bedbugs.

Bedbugs are attracted to their hosts by the warmth and the existence of carbon dioxide. When the bedbug finds its host, it pierces the skin of the host with its two feeding tubes that are hollow. One tube injects the host with saliva that has anesthetics and anticoagulants and the other tube withdraws the blood from the host. After feeding for around five minutes, the bug is then able to return back to its original hiding place. The bites are not usually felt until minutes or even hours later. The first indication of the bite is usually a need to itch. Most bedbugs can live for a year or eighteen months without feeding, and so this can make it difficult to get rid of them. Normally, however, bed bugs will try to feed once every five to ten days. Bed bugs that go without Mattress With Bedbugsfood for long periods often live for longer than a year, but those bed bugs that eat well normally live around six to nine months.

So when you find that you have a bed bug problem, you probably feel both disgust and panic. How do you get rid of these nasty little insects?

The bed bug, which is also called Cimex lectularius, is an insect that sucks blood. It prefers to feed on humans while the humans are sleeping. Its painless bite will often go undetected, but it will leave a small welt behind that is very itchy. Bed bugs have not been known to transmit communicable diseases; however, there are some people who have a bigger concern when it comes to bedbug bites, and those are the people who have an allergy to the bites.

If you notice that you have several small round welts on areas of your body, you may have a bedbug problem and it is time to look for the hiding places. It is very important that you act fast when you are attempting to eliminate bed bugs, as they can lay up to 200 eggs in their lifetime of less than a year. Not to mention that the eggs are colorless, which makes them difficult to spot.

You will need to strip your bed of the bedspread and comforter and the flat sheet on your mattress. Note the condition of the fitted sheet in complete light. Look to see if there are any tiny spots that look like blood. Then look at the mattress and gently run your finger along the seams of your mattress. Then check the seams of the foundation of your bed. Look for signs of molts, such as clear shed skin, brown, white or more dark specks. If you see reddish-brown spots, these are fecal spots. If you see these along with molted skins, this is a clear sign that the bed bugs have fed more than one time and are growing through the nymphal stages.

Up to this point, you may or may not have found any insects. If you do find them, you do not want to smear the bed bug onto the fabric of your bed or squash them, as this will lead to a sickening sweet odor from the bug. Once you have finished checking the top of your box spring, then stand it up on just one end so that you can check the bottom of it. If there are holes in your box spring, then it is likely that they will try to stay in the darkest corners.Feasting Bedbugs

The treatment of the bed bug infestations of a mild nature can be done either naturally or chemically. If you want to keep your mattress and your box spring, you will need to get plastic covers for them that have zippers. You will have to zip them up and then put tape on top of the zippers. This will keep the old bed bugs in. Unfortunately this process takes a while, as bedbugs can live without feeding for a long period of time, so you will need to keep the cover on the mattress for at least a year. This will cause them to starve to death as well as keep other bed bugs from getting in and breeding with the bed bugs that are inside your mattress.

There are other ways to get rid of your bed bug infestation in a non-chemical way. First, vacuuming the cracks and the crevices in your room are a necessary treatment. However, keep in mind that vacuum cleaners cannot kill all beg bugs because they will not reach all areas. Secondly, some people like to use hot water to kill bed bugs. This is helpful for your sheets, comforter, pillow cases, and your pajamas. In order to kill the bed bugs, you must have the clothing and items in the water that is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius in order for this to be effective. Also people like to use the clothes dryer to help. Placing your dry items or wet items in a clothes dryer that is set to medium or high heat for at least twenty minutes can kill both the bed bugs and the eggs of the bed bugs. If it is summer time or you live in a hot climate, you may be able to kill bed bugs and the eggs by placing the items in a hot car with the windows rolled up. Be sure to park the car in the sun, and if it is a hot day, your car will probably get to the minimum required temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit easily and quickly. Other people have used freezing to kill the bedbugs. Bed bugs will die if they are under temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but the items will need to stay at this temperature for a few days.

Using steam or spraying rubbing alcohol on the insects that are visible can rid your bed frames of the eggs and the adult bed bugs, but will not be a Bedbugs Picturespermanent treatment. Another treatment people have tried is isolation of the bed bugs. The bed bugs are not able to cross petroleum jelly and have trouble climbing glass or metal, and so if you put your bed legs in a tin can that has the bottom coated thickly with petroleum jelly, you may be able to keep them from getting into the bed. However, bed bugs have been observed climbing up to higher surfaces in order to then fall to a lower surface, such as climbing a wall so that they can get to the bed. Isolating a bed should only be done after the mattress and the box spring as well as the entire bed frame have already been disinfected. Using double sided duct tape can also be used as a sticky barrier to place on the legs of the bed.

If you do have money for another mattress and new bed clothing, that is always a good idea, but if you cannot afford this or choose not to, it is important to quickly rid the area of bed bugs. Additionally, if it is not a small infestation and you really want to make sure the bed bugs are taken care of, it would be in your best interest to call a professional exterminator who can take care of it for you. They know the best chemical treatments along with the natural treatments. Do not try to use insecticides to get rid of the bed bugs by yourself. Pest control professionals are able to treat the bed bug infestation using a number of low odor and non-toxic aerosols, dusts, and sprays.

With everything that has been discussed, it is very possible to wonder how this problem even occurs. Researchers in this area are finding over several reasons as to why bed bugs are becoming such an issue in today’s society. By learning how they these insects are brought into our homes, is just one more way of educating ourselves on the prevention of such infestations. One of the biggest reasons is cleanliness of self and your house. Keeping up personal hygiene is considered a leading factor in bed bugs, but not the only high rated concern. Studies have shown that if individuals keep their hygiene and always wearing clean clothes, is always a good start. In the areBed bug preventiona of your house, scientists say that the cleaner the better. Always do your laundry once a week, never let your laundry accrue to being a mountainous pile in your corner. Bed bugs love these areas and will begin to breed among your clothes which will then lead them to your bed. Changing your bedding on a weekly basis is always a helpful factor, for if a bed bug happens to make onto your sheets, and then continuous washing throughout the weeks is a sure way of making sure that they don’t have time to make a new home.

Are the ways of personal hygiene of yourself and the cleanliness of your house a for sure prevention method of keeping bed bugs from finding their way into your home, no. It is, however, a way of keeping them from spreading if they to extreme numbers. Even the cleanliest of people have contracted issues with these annoying critters through hotels, a friends house, and another persons car. Hotels can contract these insects as easily as our own homes can. Researchers believe that is has everything to do with the idea that there are constantly guests coming in and out of these rooms, all of which have different methods of maintaining their hygiene. If the bed bug didn’t already exist on the person, then from living in the mattress, a bed bug can latch itself on to any one of these unsuspecting persons and travel to their homes. As bed bugs are able to latch themselves on to people, they can find their way nearly anywhere; into your cars, your offices, chairs, your friend’s house, daycares, the list can go on. Always be sure, that if you believe you might be falling victim to a bed bug situation, just simply follow the above steps and begin prevention methods as soon as possible.

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs That Are In Your Home:

Bed bugs are hard pests t get rid of, not because they are hard to die, but it is hard to detect them. When you have used a method to kill them, there might be some that are hiding in another place. You need to use a combination of methods to successfully get rid all of them from your house.

Bed bugs are like nocturnal creatures, they come out and hunt for human blood at night. Since they hide in crevices and cracks, they would need to travel up to your bed before reaching you. So, we can first separate the bed far from any other furniture to shortlist the possibilities of their hiding places.

Then, we can apply vaseline or oil on the legs of the bed. A moating of silica aerogel or chalk can be laid around the bed posts too.

Drawing off the first method, we can also use sticky tape and put them on the bed posts to capture bed bugs. Double sided tape or anything sticky like glue can be used too. If you are still in the stage where you are just trying to identify if there are existence of bed bugs in your place or not, this would be the best method.

If you have the time, you can physically find bed bugs and their eggs on your bed too. People think that they are unseen by the naked eye. In fact, they can actually grow to the size of an apple seed. They usually hide in the day so it’s no wonder that people think they can’t be seen.

You can also find crevices and cracks on walls, floors and ceilings. Cover them up so that the bed bugs that are hiding within will die because of lack of oxygen and food.

If you prefer to vacuum them out first, be sure to heat the vacuum bag before disposing of them to make sure the bed bugs are dead. If not, they will find a way to crawl back to you for revenge.

You can even use the various organic insecticides being sold on the market today. They are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and won’t harm your children as well.

Finding a Bed Bugs NYC Exterminator:

Bed bugs are one of the most irritable pests, spreading in places where there are cracks and being extremely hard to get rid of. In fact, there have been a great number of bed bugs NYC infestations that have been recorded from the past. The bed bugs NYC infestations have significantly affected thousands of lives from the public vicinities and even apartments. In fact, records show that there have been almost 7,000 cases of bed bugs NYC infestation reported from households and commercial establishments. Until today, widespread attacks of bed bugs NYC continue and seem to be a growing problem in the city. With the help of a number of professional pest exterminators, the adverse effects of bed bugs NYC attacks are expected to substantially decrease. There are actually several ways to find professional, expert bed bugs NYC exterminators.


With the occurrence of bed bugs NYC epidemic, professional exterminator services for bed bug NYC are in high demand. Searching for the best bed bugs NYC exterminators has been made very easy with the advent of modern technology. The web offers a number of highly dependable and reliable bed bugs NYC exterminator companies that will help each household get rid of bed bugs from their home.


When searching for the best bed bug exterminator company, all of the following should be considered:

  • The quality of services offered
  • The kind of treatment method offered
  • The risks associated with various kinds of treatment methods


The following are some of the more notable NYC bed bug exterminators that provide relief to a large number of New York residents, when seeking relief from a bed bug infestation:

Positive Pest Management

Through the years, the company has always driven by its desire to provide excellent quality of bed bug extermination service to every household in NYC. There are actually lots of bed bug elimination method but the company specializes on heat extermination because it takes into consideration the wellness and health of your family. Since bed bugs are becoming resistant against pesticides and insecticides, the company opted to heat the infested area with a temperature of more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit that bed bugs cannot stand with. Positive Pest Management is by far one of the best bed bud NYC exterminators because it uses cost effective and safe method to get rid of bed bugs completely.

M&M Pest Control Inc.

The company always desires to protect you, your family and your business against the diverse negative effects of bed bugs NYC infestation. The company is equipped with highly trained, professional and expert exterminators that are geared towards helping every resident of NYC to get rid of bed bugs immediately. Before treatment and maintenance programs are laid out, the company takes time to visit the infested place and determine the best extermination and maintenance program to be employed to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. M&M is also an excellent choice because visitation and investigation are first conducted before treatments are recommended. This way, customers can be guaranteed that sure and highly efficient treatment method is employed in getting rid of bed bugs.

Magic Bed Bug Division

The company performs an amazing magic in stopping the attack of bed bugs NYC. Magic Bed Bug Division is equipped with state of the art tools, effective treatment methods and highly trained staff that will do all the job of preventing you from being the worst victim of bed bug NYC attacks. In fact, Magic Bed Bug Division is the only company in NYC that is capable of providing chamber fumigation treatment method in eliminating bed bugs. This method is tested and proven to be highly effective in completely eliminating different kinds of pests in the vicinity.

Standard Pest Co.

Standard Pest Co. is one of the trusted and highly credible bed bugs NYC exterminator in the city. Since 1929, the company has always been enthusiastic in reaching its goals of becoming the number 1 bed bugs NYC exterminator company in the city. Through visual and K-9 inspection, the company is able to determine the appropriate bed bugs NYC treatment method to employ. Standard Pest Co. always desires to give every resident of NYC a bed bug-free household.

Hope you have found this information useful, and that you will eventually find the right bed bugs NYC extermination company.

What do you need to ask before hiring bed bugs exterminator?

Bed bugs exterminators are prominent division of people who are responsible for terminating the problem of bed bugs from your house. However, before hiring them you should ask them some validated question and as a good company they will have no problem in answering them all. Do they have a license? This is generally in form of recommendations from other validated companies. What are their previous experiences and customers who have hired them before? This question will give a brief outlook about the working genre of the company and their hold in the market as exterminators. What are the guarantees provided by the company? Promises are meant to be broken but be assured that what your exterminators are offering before you hire them. Finally, you can take the valid reference whose house have been disinfected by this company and talk to them if you feel like. Confirming all these points, you may hire the exterminators and get free of the problem of bugs.

Bed Bug Extermination:

Bed Bug Extermination

Killing or elimination of bed bugs is quite a difficult task and depends on the severity of the infestation. Many methods are available to kill bed bugs. Some of the popular extermination methods include heat treatment, steam treatment, use of mattress encasements, fumigation, insecticide and pesticide sprays, and dusting powders such as diatomaceous earth. Professional bed bug exterminators assess the type of bedbug infestation and recommend an appropriate treatment plan to eliminate the bed bugs effectively.

Which is the best approach?

There is no single tool or method, when used alone, is successful in exterminating the bed bugs. The increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides and insecticides help them to survive a chemical treatment.  However, technology is coming up with various strategies to counteract the bed bug menace in an effective manner.  Hence, a combination of approaches is considered to treat a severely infested location.  There are many cases where multiple treatments are required to kill bed bugs. Therefore, pest-control companies use integrated methods to control bed bugs.  Additionally, the approach that is undertaken should have maximum effectiveness and should be safe for the environment.


There are chemical as well as non-chemical treatments that have proven to be effective in controlling the bloodsuckers.

Different Application Methods

Vacuum and Steam treatment: Chemicals do kill the bed bugs, but they do not reach the deep corners of the infestation where a number of eggs and young nymphs are present.  Such areas are vacuumed, which clears most of the bed bugs in that area. This follows the use of chemical and steaming treatment. This approach has a better residual effect that kills bed bugs.

Dust Powder and Wet Sprays: Application of chemicals is dependent upon the area of infestation. It is important to know about each category of chemical treatments to derive maximum effectiveness. For example, application of dust powder and wet sprays easily reach the cracks, crevices and other hard to reach areas. Granules are another form of chemical pesticide, which is used to treat mattress, bedding and other sleeping surfaces.

Aerosol Sprays: Sprays are residual treatments that are productive on indoor surfaces such as bed frame, headboard, footboard, walls and clothing and other non-sleeping areas. The sprays normally are effective on the bed bugs for a longer period due to its remnant outcome.

Foggers:  Foggers control a bed bug infestation that has spread to other areas of the house such as pet house, garage, basements, bedrooms, attics, etc. These machines, also called as “bug bombs” release the pesticide/insecticide on the large surface areas in the form of droplets. This approach is quite ineffective to kill bed bugs present in the hard-to-reach areas such as the crevices or cracks.

Fumigation: This approach involves the release of gas or chemical vapor to kill a severe infestation of bed bugs.  At present, this infallible approach is one of the best approaches that undoubtedly controls a bed bug infestation. It is also the most expensive method and is not practical is many cases.