For the most part, people often get confused between a bedbug bite and a mosquito bite. As a matter of fact, both these bites look similar in appearance and hence are often misdiagnosed. If you wish to distinguish between the two kinds of bites, you need to observe the welts a little closely or wait for the other symptoms to appear. Look out for the patterns of these bites, so as to differentiate between the two.

Usually, mosquito bites are singularly located or isolated. The welts would itch for an hour or two and then subside. These bites are pretty harmless in nature and the welts would disappear once the itching stops. On the other hand, the bedbug bites appear in clusters, mostly in the lines of three. The bedbug welts may not itch all the time, however the ones that itch can be pretty worse. These welts stay on for a few days, getting worse in a few cases.

Mosquito bites may look like small pimples on the skin, whereas the bedbug bites are commonly spotted with tiny raised bumps. You would instantly realise the mosquito bites whereas the bedbug bites are difficult to realise since they come with a specific lag time. In a few cases, it may take about 9 days for the symptoms of bedbug bites to appear. However, bedbugs would not carry any transmittable human diseases. Lastly, climatic conditions would also play an important role in differentiating the two bites since mosquitoes usually survive in a moderate climate.