If you’re travelling in the US or Canada, a proactive resource is available to you, free and online. The Bed Bug Registry contains user-submitted addresses of hotels with bed bugs, usually with updated statuses on the situation and what the owners/operators were doing to fight the bed bugs in hotels (or apartments — my old apartment made the list! Lucky me.)

Bed Bugs in Hotels:

Nothing is worse than booking your hotel, often tired and needing a shower, and finding bed bugs in your hotel room. This article about bed bugs in hotels will give you some helpful tips on what to look for and what to do if you suspect bed bug activity in your hotel room. Unfortunately, hotels are one of the most common places bed bugs like to congregate and they are also a common source of bedbug infestation in your own home.

Bed bugs are small parasites that need a warm-blooded animal host on which to feed. While this can be any animal, bedbugs most commonly feed on humans and their pets. This is why bed bugs are mostly found in places where lots of people gather; because they prefer to feed at night, usually just before dawn, these insects proliferate in places where people sleep.

This is why they are known as bed bugs. Places where there is a constant turnover of sleepers, or multiple people sleeping in the one building, are the most common sites for bedbugs to be found in large numbers. Naturally, this includes hotels, especially hotels in third world countries, where sanitary conditions may not be the same standard as they are at home, or those situated in poorer areas.

When you are planning your holiday or overseas trip, do some research into the different hotels you have to choose from and check where they are located. It is quite easy to check on testimonials and reports on the internet, that have been written by people who have stayed at various hotels around the world. Look for recommendations for different hotels and avoid any that have negative reviews. Well-managed hotels should not have any bed bug problems.

If you are traveling, there are several steps you can take to avoid staying in a bed bug infested hotel room. If you do find evidence of bed bugs in the hotel room assigned to you, immediately ask for another room and give the reason. If the hotel management cannot give you a satisfactory room, go to another hotel.

While this may seem extreme and may certainly be inconvenient, you don’t want the problem of bed bugs in your room. If you do stay in a room that has bed bugs, you will probably take some home with you and then will have to deal with an infestation in your own home. As bed bugs are difficult to eradicate, this is to be avoided at all costs.

Take these precautions when traveling overseas:

  • When you get into your hotel room, check for signs of bed bug infestation. Strip the sheets from the bed and check the mattresses for brown or reddish-colored stains. In bad cases, you might even see the insects themselves.

  • Also check behind the headboard for bedbug activity – this is a favorite hiding place for bedbugs.

  • Never put your luggage on the floor of a hotel room or on the bed. This prevents any bed bugs that are present from hitching a ride home in your luggage. Use the luggage rack or keep your luggage in the bathroom during your stay – bedbugs don’t like cold tiled areas.

  • Avoid putting your clothes on the bed in a hotel room. Hand your clothes in the closet, after checking for bed bug evidence, or keep your clothes in your luggage in a safe location.

  • When you arrive home, leave your luggage outside and unpack outside your house, to avoid bringing bedbugs or their eggs into your home. Immediately wash all clothes in the hottest water the fabrics can stand and then dry them on a line in the sun for few days. Bag clothes that need to go to the dry cleaners and take them there as soon as possible. Leave shoes and luggage outside in the sun or the cold for several days to kill off any stray bedbugs that may have come home with you.

How to Check for Bed Bugs When Staying In Hotels:

If you’re already in the hotel as you read this, there are a few things you can do. While asking at the front desk might not get an honest response about the hotel’s bed bug status, you can have a quick look-through around the bed (lift the sheets) and headboard for the usual signs of a Bed Bug Hotel — brown or red spots are the usual indicators.

If there’s no sign of bed bug blood and feces, but you’re still not convinced you’re going to sleep as tight as a bug in a rug, what can you do?

Some questions and answers about ways to prevent bed bugs in hotels or on travels from snacking on you

Sleep sacks: ”Would the silk “sleep sacks” travel accessories be any help at all against bed bug bites at a hotel?

Answer: Probably not, since bed bugs likely can penetrate with their mouthpart through the weave of the “sleep sack.” As long as the opening of the sleep sack was not the weakest link (make sure the sack has a special bed-bug-proof closing style), and you are paranoid, the sleep sack is worth a try.

The best protection is simply to inspect the entire bed (mattress and sheets) and the headboard for signs of bed bugs. If you find any, don’t spray them yourself. This may cause them to move around and infest other areas. Instead, contact the hotel management, inform them of the bugs and request a different room immediately.

“When traveling I carry a can of Lysol spray and spray the bed with it. Is this helpful in getting rid of bed bugs?”

Answer: The only way that the Lysol spray is helpful in killing bed bugs is if you sprayed the bugs directly. The alcohols and propellants would probably kill bed bugs if you marinated them in it. However, dried spray on or around the bed has no effect. When traveling, always inspect your mattress for bed bugs, which again, means pulling back the covers and looking carefully at the seams and tufts for bed bugs or bed bug evidences (black fecal spots).

Bed Bugs on Cruise Ships:

Bed bugs on cruise ships? ”I’m getting ready to go on a cruise, should I be concerned about bed bugs there?”

Answer: Because we know that bed bugs are increasingly resistant to pesticides and are making a comeback with a vengeance, it makes sense to inspect any location away from home where you are planning to sleep. Look over your cabin thoroughly, checking for signs of bed bugs before you unpack. Look behind the head board if possible, and inspect your mattress. There is no need to tear the room apart, but a close look at the mattress seams and inside the cabin drawers prior to putting away your clothes should become part of your traveling routine. Also, set your luggage away from the bed and preferably off the floor on a metal rack.

Hotel Bed Bugs -Travelers At Risk:

Hotel Bed Bugs?

Do you know how to avoid hotel bed bugs? You may think you could spot a bed bugs infested hotel from the look of it, but you could be making a common mistake.  Many people assume a hotel that looks like a dump may be more likely to be a haven for bed bugs.

While there may be some reason for that snap judgement, the awful truth is that bed bugs love staying in top ranked hotels too.  A four star hotel is just as likely to have a guest who is unknowingly transporting bed bugs as does a flea bag.

Now to be sure, quality hotels have trained their staff to look for tell tale evidence of a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately that is not a guarantee that the guest just before you or the one before them didn’t accidentally leave behind some unwanted roommates.

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Hotel Bed Bugs Are Hitchhikers:

Hotel Bed Bugs see you are their room service, and travel agent.  They don’t just want to feed on you, they want to travel with you where ever you go and then share the snap shots of your travels in a dark corner of your bedroom at home.

There are precautions you can and should take when on business or pleasure travel to thwart hotel bed bugs and keep them from following you home.

This report reveals some simple common sense approaches.
– What you can do to check for bed bugs in your room

– How to respond when you discover hotel bed bugs

– General tips on how to not bring the buggers home

-Tips on where to put your luggage at the hotel and again when you get home

If you do have the misfortune to bring some bed bugs home, Go Here to learn how to detect and get rid of Bed Bugs at home.

These tips will help you stop the bed bug epidemic where it matters most to you, in your own home.  You of course want to do your best to protect yourself, your home and family.  But the real reason for this particular blog posts is not to sell eBooks, but to help stem the national and international infestation.