Bed bug infestations are rising rapidly. They tend to be picked up through travel and also through the sale of second hand furniture.

More people are traveling today and so the possibility of them being spread to more and more places increases. And so it is wise to know what you should and should not do to avoid bringing them back home with you. Bed bugs do not just infest cheap hotels they will also live in 5 star accommodation. No matter where you are traveling to you should know the signs to look out for to avoid bringing them home with you and infesting your home with them.

When staying away from home the first thing to look out for is any small blood stains on the bedding you are sleeping in. Although the bedding may have been washed there may still be signs of stains on the sheets. You should also look out for any bites after sleeping in the room. Contact with said pests will not just make you their means of transport, hey can also make you their food source. They feed on blood so they will bite and suck on you. Although their bites are painless, you may notice a swelling on your skin or may have an itchy area.

They survive on human blood and will leave behind a trail of welts and bumps that are often itchy and can be found in threes. Bed bugs are roughly 4 to 5 mm in length, they are a reddish brown color and flat and are capable of easily hiding in crevices. They are capable of fitting into crevices small enough for just the corner of a credit card to fit into. They will for hide in the bed area. They can live in headboards, foot board, creases in the bedding and crevices on the bed frame hence their name. They can also live in remote controls, skirting boards and behind tears in wallpaper.

Bed bugs do not feed daily, they are able to feed every 5 to 10 days and have been known to live up to 18 long months without feeding. Adult bed bugs are brown in however after feeding that they take on a darker reddish brown hue due to the human blood they have dined on. Before choosing where you stay it is always worth checking reviews on the internet. If anyone has been bitten whilst staying in a hotel they will often note this in a review.

Do not put your clothes in the hotel wardrobe or drawers as they will climb onto them and you will end up putting them into your suitcase and taking the bugs home along with your clothes. Leave your clothes in the suitcase and make sure that you leave the suitcase closed when you having taken out what you need. Do not leave the suitcase on the floor or the bed as they will climb up it and may sneak inside when you open the suitcase up.

If you discover an infestation, or signs of one notify the hotel management immediately and do not remain in that room if a problem does exist. Request a new room that is not near the infested room or better still find somewhere else to stay.

If you are concerned that you may have a bed bug in your suitcase, do not empty the case inside your home. Unpack in a garage or even in the garden and carefully inspect every item before taking anything into your home. Make sure all clothing is washed on a high a wash as possible to kill any which may be hiding in your clothes. You can either carefully inspect your suitcase or throw it away and buy a new one.