When it comes to bed bugs spray, you’ve got to understand how to use it correctly to achieve the most impressive results. This is one of the most critical things to understand when dealing with bed bugs. Working in the pest control industry, I understand the bed bug treatments the professionals use in treating them. The instructions that come on the bed bug spray you purchase won’t give you complete instructions on properly treating a room, so we’re going to take a minute or two to do that now.

first of all, you need to prep the room for the bed bug treatment. It’s not that I am going to go into too much detail here about that, but you essentially need to clean everything before using the bed bugs spray. After you completely clean the room, you need to make sure you have enough spray to treat a room. You’re going to want to totally drench the room, so you probably need to buy more than one bottle of bed bugs spray. One bottle may not be enough to completely eliminate everything. Ensure you have at least three bottles on hand when you do your treatment. With this type of treatment, you must be positively sure that you have enough spray to treat everything the 1st time. Make sure you only use one kind of bed bugs spray, or the different sprays could probably negate with one another and minimize their result on the bed bugs.

second, you need to begin treating the room itself. As you treat the room, start from the end of the room that’s farthest away from the doorway to the room. Begin spraying the cracks and crevices and base boards and floor boards around the room. You want to treat every nook and cranny round the room very well. Treat the walls without delay behind the headboard as well as the head board itself. Treat windowsills as they may be living in the curtains or other areas. You should even treat electric sockets and other private stuff if at all possible. Private belongings and electronics that can’t be treated should be placed in bags and placed in areas that get above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. They cannot live in areas above 120. Make sure to apply extra spray close to the mattress and box spring.

As you move around the room, you want to treat any furniture the absolute best you can. Also treat the headboard of the bed and the box spring completely. I do not recommend treating a mattress immediately as the individual sleeping there could get ill from laying in the pesticides. I really recommend throwing out your mattress or making sure you get a bed bug mattress encasement so that the bed bugs cannot get out of the mattress. It is fine to treat your box spring, and this is one of the most vital parts of the treating process. Make efforts to rip the box spring cover and treat this too.

After treating all these areas, you must have a whole perimeter treatment of your room. In the treatment, you need to have seen some bed bugs. Go back to these areas and start spraying the bed bugs themselves. They could die, but the idea is to chase them back to the areas where you have recently treated along the baseboards of the room. The bugs will be trapped and the bugs will die!

eventually, after completing treatment, place sticky glueboards in the room to catch any bugs that escaped treatment. You want to see whether any bugs are caught in these glueboards to determine if you continue to have an infestation. If you catch more bugs within a week or so, retreat the entire room as stated above. Don’t move back into your room right after treatment. I would wait at least 7 to 10 days and ensure there isn’t any more bed bug activity before moving into the room.

it’s vital to understand that using bed bugs spray is a continual process that may take weeks or maybe months. If proper procedures and steps are taken beforehand, your chase of success is much greater.