How Long Do Bed Bugs Bites Last?

How long do bed bugs’ bites last varies in different individual. In some victims large wheals left by bed bugs eventually becomes a disease. Recuperating from bed bug bite symptoms is not as early as it seems to be and told. However in some cases it does not usually require a treatment. Some says it last for a week while against this there are many who never felt even a pinch of bed bug bite. The bed bug usually feed for 5 minute period. They usually feed for 5 to 10 days and not more than that.

How soon you recuperate from it also depends on the type of bite you got from these pests

•   Large wheals left by bed bugs eventually grow into red marks which fade away soon.

•   Bites that eventually results into swelling and blisters are the worst form of bed bug bites. They stay for a longer period of time and can require dermatologists’ treatment as well.

•   Bites that cause itching and if you do not stop yourself from scratching then it can cause further injury which eventually leads to yellow and huge marks.

•   Bed bug bites most of the time naturally swells after 10 minutes to 24 hours. They swell and appear reddish with little discomfort and itchiness.

Factors which enhance the bite symptoms and cause bites to stay longer

•   Itching causes the bites to swell away instantly.

•   Bites are too small to get noticed. Even some dermatologists are not able to diagnose it. Thus they can not treat it well.

Understanding bed bug bites and getting rid of it earlier

•   Be ensured that you will never get any hazardous disease from bed bug bite though the symptoms can be painful.

•   Immediately after you notice the bed bug bite wash it with the soap and water. This can provide you an instant relief in bed bug bite.

•   You can also apply anti-itch creams. These anti-itch creams are easily available in various drug stores. This is also helpful in curing bed bug bite.

•   Apply some ice pack to the affected area to get instant relief from bed bug bite. Ice has the potential to minimize swelling.

•   To reduce pain, it is highly advisable to get a painkiller.

•   Get rid of bed bugs, then of course you will not be ever be bitten. These days they follow more judicious and focused treatment to get rid of bed bugs.

•   Discard all those badly infested items like bedding and follow other ways to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible.

•   While bed bugs intake their meals, they do so with the beak. They also transfer some saliva with their bites. Fortunately, their saliva does not contain any pathogen so it is incapable of causing any allergic reaction.

Avoid wound due to itching and scratching for long time. Leave it and work upon getting rid of bed bugs. If your skin reacts harshly to bed bug bites then consult dermatologist or follow some handy remedies mentioned above. At most, that is how long do bed bugs’ bites last.

Stop Bed Bugs Bites:

Bed bug bites can be clearly seen on your skin. They form red sore pimples all over your arms. When the pest bites, you feel itchy although it is not painful. You have to make sure that you seek some medical attention if the case is too severe. Anti-histamine should help with the soreness. The most annoying thing about the bed bug is the fact that it attacks at night.
It cannot bite during the day. You should make sure that you take the necessary step. There is an itchy feeling and once you scratch your skin, it becomes irritated which leads to swelling and other reactions. You have to be careful when handling the sores. Some are very severe to an extent that they become infected and you have to use some medication.

Bedbugs suck your blood while you are asleep. There has been concern about bed bug bites transmitting infections. Scientists have said that this is not possible and no one should be worried about. The bites irritate the skin intensely. It can be a very a disturbing experience which you should not be taken lightly. It has been found out that the swelling is caused by the way the pests feed. One of the feeding tubes sucks blood while the other is used to get toxin in to your skin.

It takes time before these foreign toxins can react on the skin. They make the blood around the bite clot hence the conspicuous marks.  This is a very dangerous process that can make your skin hypersensitive. Multiple and repeated bites will make you develop allergy.

It is hard to tell that you are suffering from a bedbug bite. There other insects that results in the same thing such as reaction. You should be keen to find out that you are actually dealing with a bed bug bite. You can see the pests at night especially towards the morning hours. If you can help it, do not scratch. You should avoid it as much as possible.

Avoiding bedbug bites

There are some tips that can help you sleep in bed bug infested house without getting the pests bites. There are some pesticides that are effective in an instant way and will not affect you at all. You can buy one that is odorless. The powder is sprinkled on the mattress where the pests are hiding. It will kill them instantly and destroy their breeding areas. You should do the same thing with your furniture as well.

You can use your vacuum cleaner on your mattress. This will drive out all the bed bugs. You can do it and go ahead to sleep on it for the night. There are some vacuum cleaners that have hot water compartment and will also dry the mattress. The most effective of all is to get rid of all the beddings and clean the room thoroughly. Hot water is very effective.  Wash out everything and use insecticides. These are the most effective ways to get rid of the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites- My First Encounter with Bed Bugs:

Everybody’s first encounter with bed bugs is supposed to be an unpleasant one. I don’t know if anybody finds it pleasing at all. Mine happened quite a few years back, when I moved into a flat already infested with the creature. But at that time, I reckoned bed bug bites were not so painful, much like mosquito bites. I was wrong. Absolutely wrong.

That night, I went to sleep after making sure that no bed bugs were found underneath the bed or on the mattress. I heard of some stories before but never really experienced what it’s like to be bitten by them.

I somehow woke up at 5 in the morning and felt itchy all over my body. My face felt numb and swollen. Immediately I jumped out of the bed and switched on the light. I was horrified to see that my arms, legs and face were full of red marks of what appeared to be mosquito bites. But instead of a few marks here and there (as you would get from mosquitoes), the bed bug bites were all over my body. And it got worse when I started to scratch it, silly me!

Bed Bugs - Flicr image by JLplusAL

The allergic reaction then started to get into act. I started to feel dizzy and have difficulty in breathing. I was beginning to panic but somehow calmed myself down and started applying some calamine lotion that I luckily kept in my first aid kit box. After 10-15 minutes, the swelling began to subside. And I managed to go to sleep, not after battling hard with my urge to scratch those crazy bites.

All in all, it was a horrible experience. If you haven’t encountered bed bugs before, never underestimate the pain you’ll be having. Some can experience mild allergic reaction but some can suffer a lot from the bed bug bites. Make sure you’re well prepared with all the medicines.