Bed bugs have been around for an eternity. Bed bug treatment plans were non-existant until just a few years ago and the pests have thrived. At one time they were considered useful as a medical treatment for ear infection and snake bites, as Pliny the Elder wrote in his publication entitled “Natural History.”  It was also recommended to use bed bugs as treatment for hysteria.

Most species of bed bugs feed off the human being, more specifically, the blood.  They go after exposed skin of the sleeping victim. The bed bug bite is carried out by the little bugger by piercing the skin of the victim and inserts two feeding tubes.  With one tube, the bed bug injects saliva with contains anesthetics and anticoagulants while the second tube sucks blood.  Bed bugs are attracted to their   victims by carbon dioxide, which is what humans exhale while breathing and body heat, as well as other chemicals. Bed bugs like to feed every 5 to 10 days but can go up to a year without feeding. A report given at the 57th annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America, it was reported that recent generations of pesticide resistant bed bug species could only survive two months without feeding.  As the big sucks the blood, the bug goes from flat to bloat. If you squish a full bed bug you will find a residue of blood spots.              

Bed bugs usually lay between 1 to 5 eggs each day with a short period of incubation of about 10 days. The new buggies will require about 5 major blood feedings before they reach maturity.  They molt between feedings and once mature will begin laying their eggs. The fluid the bed bugs inject cause the skin to become itchy and swollen. Scratching might cause the bites to get infected. Bed bugs are not known to transmit human blood borne pathogens. However, a bug filled with infected blood could be a problem if a human comes in contact with it.

Bed bugs generally attack exposed skin, although they will bite anywhere they can stick their feeding tubes. Face and arms are most susceptible as they are not under the  blankets or sheet. If bed bugs are disturbed during a feeding they will retreat and come back later to finish the job if the environment is right. They like to feed just before dawn so if you suspect you have bed bugs, set the alarm for about an hour before dawn and scare the little buggers back to hiding. If you do that often enough they may eventually go in search of another feeding source.

Children can become anemic if bitten repeatedly by bed bugs. If you suspect bed bugs are inhabiting your Childs room, wash the bedding in hot water and a strong detergent. Warm water washing will not completely kill off the bed bugs or eggs. Vacuum the room thoroughly and dispose the vacuum bag in a sealed trash bag. A hot water carpet extractor will be very effective getting rid of the bed bugs.  Keeping the room free from clutter will eliminate places for bed bugs to hide.

Bed Bugs Bites:

It is difficult to identify bed bugs by their bite because they look similar to most other biting insects that affect humans, so many people don’t know what has bitten them during the night. These bed bugs bites pictures will help you to identify the bites you have on your body so that you can take the most appropriate action to get rid of the offending insects. Most people are not really bothered by bed bug bites; they appear over the next few days as a raised red lump which may or may not be itchy.

Sometimes, the bed bug bite is barely visible and many people feel no adverse reaction to having been bitten. However, bed bug bites usually cause intense itching and a topical antihistamine or antiseptic lotion will be needed to give relief. Some people get an allergic reaction to bedbug bites.

The thing that sets a bedbug bite apart from other insects, like a mosquito or a flea, is that bedbug bites are usually found in a cluster or a line of several bites. This is because the bedbug has been disturbed during its feeding and has gone back for another feed in the same location.

Mosquitoes, for example, will bite indiscriminately in various places. The other different aspect of bedbug bites is the fact that bed bugs cannot bite through clothing; so you will only find bedbug bites on parts of the skin that have been exposed during the night as you sleep. Bed bug bites are normally found on the face, neck, hands and arms. In fact, one strategy for preventing bedbug bites is to wear long sleeved and long legged clothing to bed.

What are bed bugs eggs and their various entities that can harm?

Bed bugs are one of the fastest reproducing insects in the world. The way they reproduce is enormous and with a capacity like that one may know the kind of problem they are facing. Invading Earth, bed bugs are present in the dark places. Bed bugs eggs are delivered in huge numbers and a single female bed bug can deliver up to 300 eggs. Along with that, they don’t need their mother to stay close for hatching. One of the most diversified problems in the society is due to bed bugs. The way they reproduce is quite huge and along with that their various entities include the bites which harm you hugely. Severe cases have been registered showing blood loss and internal damage as well. Exterminators should be hired if home remedies are not working quite efficiently. Baking soda is one of the things that repel bed bugs along with Vitamin C.

What are some useful tips for preventing bed bugs bites?

Bed bug bites are very painful and prevention is better than treatment in this case. Here are some useful tips for preventing those itchy and reddish bed bugs bites which put you in pain all the time. Using plastic sealed bags and packing polythene bags to store your linen and other soft materials is a helpful tip to prevent the bug’s invasion. Heat is one of the most useful solutions for killing those bed bugs. Try to put the sealed plastic bags containing your linen and other material of bed to direct sunlight. Just as heat, bed bugs cannot withstand extreme cold. Bugs usually make their home in the cracks and openings present on the floor or beds. Filling them up to prevent bugs making their nest there and allow further growth is the best tip. Using vacuum cleaner to clean the areas that can possibly be home for bed bugs is the final tip applicable for prevention of bed bugs bites.

What Medical remedies you can opt after bed bugs bite?

Bed Bug bites are very itchy and give red spots on your skin. Moreover, they don’t heal quickly as well. Due to the saliva of bed bugs bites it is difficult to stop the allergic reaction. To begin the medical remedies resulting in best cure for the bed bug bites, you need to wash the infected area with antibacterial soap. This stops the spread of the infection. Next, use an ice pack to comfort the pain of the swelling. Calamine lotion is the instant reliever during this time. It is cheap and easily available. Another drug named hydrocortisone stop the swelling and dabs the pain down. Benzyl alcohol can be used for both pain reliever and itching remover. Vitamin C is also a natural medical remedy for curing bed bug bites. Crush 8 to 9 tablets and make a paste of it and apply gently. All these simple products are more than enough to act as the perfect medical remedy.

Stop Bed Bugs Bites:

Bed bug bites can be clearly seen on your skin. They form red sore pimples all over your arms. When the pest bites, you feel itchy although it is not painful. You have to make sure that you seek some medical attention if the case is too severe. Anti-histamine should help with the soreness. The most annoying thing about the bed bug is the fact that it attacks at night.
It cannot bite during the day. You should make sure that you take the necessary step. There is an itchy feeling and once you scratch your skin, it becomes irritated which leads to swelling and other reactions. You have to be careful when handling the sores. Some are very severe to an extent that they become infected and you have to use some medication.

Bedbugs suck your blood while you are asleep. There has been concern about bed bug bites transmitting infections. Scientists have said that this is not possible and no one should be worried about. The bites irritate the skin intensely. It can be a very a disturbing experience which you should not be taken lightly. It has been found out that the swelling is caused by the way the pests feed. One of the feeding tubes sucks blood while the other is used to get toxin in to your skin.

It takes time before these foreign toxins can react on the skin. They make the blood around the bite clot hence the conspicuous marks.  This is a very dangerous process that can make your skin hypersensitive. Multiple and repeated bites will make you develop allergy.

It is hard to tell that you are suffering from a bedbug bite. There other insects that results in the same thing such as reaction. You should be keen to find out that you are actually dealing with a bed bug bite. You can see the pests at night especially towards the morning hours. If you can help it, do not scratch. You should avoid it as much as possible.

Avoiding bedbug bites:

There are some tips that can help you sleep in bed bug infested house without getting the pests bites. There are some pesticides that are effective in an instant way and will not affect you at all. You can buy one that is odorless. The powder is sprinkled on the mattress where the pests are hiding. It will kill them instantly and destroy their breeding areas. You should do the same thing with your furniture as well.

You can use your vacuum cleaner on your mattress. This will drive out all the bed bugs. You can do it and go ahead to sleep on it for the night. There are some vacuum cleaners that have hot water compartment and will also dry the mattress. The most effective of all is to get rid of all the beddings and clean the room thoroughly. Hot water is very effective.  Wash out everything and use insecticides. These are the most effective ways to get rid of the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites Plague X Factor Finalists:

Normally it’s the famous lineup of judges who sink their teeth into the contestants on television’s X Factor – but last week, bed bugs had their turn.

Contestants from TV’s X Factor were victims of bed bug bites, and had to be moved to another hotel.

Several singers competing in the show’s final episodes woke up in the posh Grafton hotel in Los Angeles to find themselves covered in bug bites.

The culprit? Cimex lectularius — the common bed bug. Shortly after the incident, the management of the Sunset Boulevard hotel admitted that they were suffering from a bed bug infestation – and the X Factor crew were swiftly shuttled to an alternative hotel.

This infestation reveals just how widespread bed bugs have become. Once considered a problem in only low income, or “dirty” houses and neighborhood, now world-class hotels like the Grafton are also being hit. Bed bugs can truly impact anybody; regardless of income, how clean and sanitary they are or where they live.

A good case in point is another reported bed bug infestation; this time in the Intensive Care Unit of Denver Health Medical Center, in Denver, Colorado.

Bed bugs in hotels, even high-end luxury hotels is becoming an increasing problem.

The Graton Hotel admitted to a bed bug infestation – just the latest of many luxury hotels battling bed bugs.

As with all hospitals, sanitation and cleanliness are a priority to prevent the spread of infection at Denver Health; and if amidst those precautions, hospital can still get hit with a bed bug infestation, it’s not good news for homeowners.

The problem with how common infestations have become is how easy they are to spread. A single gravid (pregnant) bed bug can hide away in luggage or clothing and start an infestation anew in the next location; including in somebody’s home. A guest at a hotel, or a patient at a hospital, can carry bed bugs back with them hidden in their laundry or suitcase.

A good rule of thumb when checking into a hospital or hotel is to thoroughly inspect your room before settling in – especially around the boxspring and at the head of the mattress. Specks of dried feces or dried blood indicate the presence of bed bugs, while white powder residue might indicate a recent bed bug extermination was performed. If you spot this evidence – or the bed bugs themselves – report the discovery to the front desk immediately.

If you fall victim to a bed bug problem at a hospital or hotel, there are some legal recourses you have available. In some states, such as Indiana, hotels are legally obligated to wash your entire luggage at high temperature to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Elsewhere, in New Jersey and New York, hotels may soon have to pay for bed bug insurance and guests can demand compensation for being victims of the bloodsucking bed bugs.

Doctors See More Bed Bug Bites:

Although summer vacations are coming to an finish, the season of skin rashes is not finished yet. We will slowly lose the mosquitoes and also the deer ticks, and we’ll see fewer instances of poison ivy. But we will sadly continue to see rashes from the unwelcome friends that we pass about among each other. No one truly wants to consider it, but bed bugs are here, so it is important to recognize the signs of an outbreak inside your house.

For a while, I wasn’t even thinking about bed bugs when a patient would come in with a new rash. I would ask about the usual suspects: spiders, fleas, ants.

Slowly, nevertheless, it became clear this pattern was various. I mean, in the event you don’t have a dog or cat, the chances to obtaining flea bites are fairly low. Bed bugs, nevertheless, only have a human host, so unlike other parasites, they don’t require another animal to bring them into get in touch with with their victims.

Bed bug bites happen on exposed body surfaces, so legs and arms are the most typical locations of the rash. Sometimes you will see bites on the neck or face. They are attracted to our body heat and also the CO2 we exhale when breathing. Regardless of the name, they are able to be found in any crack or crevice, so you may not see them in the bed or mattress. Because they prefer the dark, they have a tendency to emerge within the wee hours with the night when their hosts are in deepest sleep.

The bites these insects produce are rarely painful, so you won’t react to obtaining bitten, but the subsequent rash may be extremely itchy. Unlike mosquito bites, which can create a large welt or hive-like lesion, bed bug bites generally seem like little white bumps. Often you’ll see them grouped in lines of 3 or 4 in a row. This occurs simply because the bugs don’t fly, so they jump or crawl from 1 site to the subsequent.

These insects don’t spread any diseases, so they are not dangerous, apart from the discomfort of the intense itching. They are able to, nevertheless, live a extremely long time without consuming and, simply because they lay numerous eggs at as soon as, they can re-infest a room very quickly. For this reason, it’s important to check everywhere that they are able to possibly hide in a room, such as in the curtains, the switch plates and below the carpeting.

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