If you’re looking for an effective yet safe and environmentally friendly alternative to keep the bed bugs at bay while traveling or at home, then Green Rest Travel Spray is the right choice for you. Available in convenient and easy to bring with you sizes, Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Travel Spray is the perfect travel companion.

Bed Bug Sprays: Not Just for Frequent Flyers

One of the easiest ways for bed bugs to infest your home is when you bring home an unwanted extra souvenir when staying in hotel or motel rooms where there is a bed bug problem. While you may think that there is no way the hotel you’re staying in could ever have bed bugs, think again.

Many times, hotel owners are unaware of their bed bug problem because bed bugs are so difficult to find, especially in the day time when their rooms are most commonly cleaned. Plus, it only takes one time in the wrong place to have a long-lasting bed bug problem – you do not have to be a frequent flyer to contract a bed bug problem. The best thing you can do is prevent this from occurring.

Why Choose Green Rest Travel Spray?

Green Rest Travel Spray is made from all-natural ingredients, which means no harmful pesticides or insecticides are used in the making of this spray. Plus, it really works. While it will not kill on contact like steam, it will kill the bed bugs. The oils in this spray attach to body of the bed bug and dissolve the shell. Instead, Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is made from a unique blend of natural oils that work together to kill and repel bed bugs  and other small insects. Here are some notable facts about this bed bug spray:

  • Safe to use around children and/or pets
  • All-natural product, non-pesticide spray
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Will kill other small insects such as unwanted bed mites
  • Natural cinnamon oil offers pleasant scent
  • Provides peace of mind while traveling or while at home
  • Environmentally-friendly, green bed bug spray

How to Use Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Travel Spray on the Road

Some may worry about bringing along another item when traveling, but Green Rest ravel Spray comes in a variety of small sizes to suit any piece of luggage. From small 2 oz. bottles to larger 16 oz. sizes for the home, you are sure to find one to suit your lifestyle.

To keep bed bugs at bay, all you need to do is spray around your entire hotel room before unpacking, paying close attention to the bed area. It is also recommended to spray your clothing as well as inside your luggage before packing up your items when leaving the motel or hotel room. This ensures you have taken every precautionary measure. While this may seem extreme, it is worth the effort if you have never dealt with bed bugs.

All-Natural Bed Bug Spray is Also Great for the Home

Green Rest Travel Spray is also a great option to keep at home, especially if you often have visitors. All it takes is one person to come into your home to create a bed bug problem. The best way to ensure bed bugs stay out of your home, is to use this bed bug spray before guests come to your home, as well as around entryways year-round. With it’s very pleasant cinnamon scent, guests will just think you’ve made the room smell fresh for them. You can also use this spray after your child has stayed at a friend’s house – just to be safe. In the war against bed bugs, it is always better to be safe than sorry.