Bed bugs are an increasing problem throughout the United States – but there are five things you can do to help reduce or eliminate bed bugs in the new year, with the help of these highly effective bed bug bug products.

These bed bug prevention tips will help you prevent bed bugs in 2020.

Top Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs:

  1. Heat It Up: When you buy new clothes or bedding, be sure to wash them as soon as you bring them home. Washing on “hot” is enough to kill most bed bugs and their eggs – drying on high heat for at least 45 minutes is also effective at eliminating them.
  2. Bag It Up: When traveling away from home, invest in a suitcase or garment bag encasement. These will protect your luggage from bed bug stowaways who could trigger an infestation when you return home. Other great tips include storing your luggage in the bathtub; where bed bugs can’t get access.
  3. Set Up Defenses: Mattress encasements are very effective at preventing bed bug infestations; and protecting your expensive mattress if you do have a bed bug problem. Bed bug detectors fit onto the feet of your bed; and help prevent bed bugs getting access to your mattress or boxspring, and let you know when you have a possible infestation.
  4. Check Early. Check Often: Check your mattress and the head of your bed frequently for signs of possible bed bug infestations. You’ll be able to spot brown or red blood specks, or the feces of the bugs, if you don’t see any bed bugs themselves. Also watch for signs of bites on yourself and your family members. Most people get bitten long before they spot the bugs themselves.
  5. Keep It Clean: Vacuuming regularly and reducing clutter around the house might be enough to prevent a bed bug infestation; or at least make it easier to spot and eliminate. It’s also great advice for helping reduce your risk of other pest problems; including cockroaches.

The truth be told, there’s nothing you can do to entirely eliminate your risk of getting bed bugs. One of the greatest misconceptions is that only “dirty” people get them – nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you’re clean or dirty, just a single gravid (pregnant) bed bug can start an infestation in your home.

The good news is that these tips can severely reduce the severity of a bed bug infestation; or prevent one entirely. In addition, there are an increasing number of 100% organic bed bug  products available to help you tackle an infestation yourself; safely and effectively.