Find A Bed Bug Mattress Cover:

Have you found yourself with the unbearable burden of being infested with bed bugs? A bed bug mattress cover will be the first item you need in this battle, as this simple encasement can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Did you know that bed bugs are now wreaking havoc in more homes, hotels, prisons, and hospitals in the United States than ever before? The cause of these high levels may be due to greater international travel and increased immigration. No longer are bed bugs found in unkempt homes they are now found in the cleanest houses.

As I found myself recently with my own bed bug problem, I scoured the Internet for my options to treat them. I soon realized that the first thing that I needed to do was purchase a bed bug mattress cover immediately. These en-casements are made to keep bed bugs out your mattress and will also keep any that are already in the bed from escaping. They will eventually die inside and do no harm. Be careful to leave the encasement on for a minimum of six months as bed bugs can live in a hibernated state for months.

Be sure to also get an encasement for the box spring as bed bugs can also be hiding in their. Also make sure that they enclose the entire area as bud bugs are tiny and can creep through the smallest of areas. By using these two items you will not have necessarily have gotten rid of your bed bug problem but you will have taken the first steps to extermination.

Plastic or Vinyl Mattress Cover

There are for the most part two options when it comes to bed bug mattress covers – vinyl and fabric encasements. Vinyl covers will cost much less in price but also come with some pitfalls. They are often times a little noisy and most people do not like the sound of crinkling plastic when crawling into bed. They can also be hotter than other covers since they do not breath.

The fabric bed bug mattress cover will be more expensive but also feature more benefits than their counterparts. First you will not even know that they are on the bed, the material they are made from is breathable and will not get hot. They will not rustle and you will not even know that they were present if no one told you. These type of covers are often used in high class hotels since they are easily washed and do not draw notice to themselves.

A good option that I used when covering the beds in my house was to use a vinyl bed bug encasement on the box. I then used the higher end fabric bed bug mattress cover on the bed. The great thing was is I did not even know that their was anything extra on the bed.

An area that is often overlooked when trying to get rid of bed bugs is the pillows. They are prime candidates for bed bugs as they prefer warm places that are nearby to their food sources. I believe that bed bug pillow cases are a must have. Be sure to go for the more expensive fabric enclosures as they are not as hot and can be washed over the vinyl.

As the bed bug mattress covers can be expensive some ranging over a hundred dollars it can be daunting to purchase. We must remember that they are much less expensive than the alternative of purchasing a new mattress and box spring.

When there are no longer bed bugs present in your home or if there never have been I would still recommend the use of a bed bug mattress cover. With their use it is much easier to eliminate the bed bugs than otherwise. When traveling be careful as this is when most people will unknowingly bring the bed bugs into homes.

Proven Mattress Encasements for Bed Bugs:

When your home becomes infested with bed bugs or if your home is at risk of getting them, then a  bed bug mattress cover is the first step you can take to help get rid of these tiny bloodsucking insects. A zippered bedding encasement designed for bed bug control is a great way to help keep your home bed bug free and make the extermination process much easier.

The New Bed Bug Epidemic

Infestations of Bed Bugs are predicted to increase through 2016 and peak yearly during the month of August.

It is a common belief that bed bugs only live in dirty or unkempt homes, which is simply not true.  Instead, bed bugs can thrive anywhere there is a source of food, including even the cleanest of homes.

In recent years, bed bug infestations have reached epidemic levels in the United States, with the rate of infestation expected to double with each coming year. Experts expect this surge in bed bug infestations can be contributed to the high levels of foreign travel, higher exchanges of second-hand furniture, and a decrease in countermeasures being taken by homeowners to prevent a bed bug invasion.

It is much too simple for these uninvited guests to make their way into your home by travelling in your luggage, entering from an adjacent apartment, or by hitching a ride on your body. Once they have had enough time to infest your home, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. What’s worse is that the longer a bed bug infestation lasts, the more difficult and expensive the extermination process becomes. This is why the best thing you can do is to try to keep your home free of bed bugs by getting yourself a bed bug mattress cover. Without a bed bug mattress cover, it typically takes three to six months for a homeowner to realize a bed bug problem exists in their home.

A Simple Solution to Preventing Bed Bugs in Your Home

A bed bug mattress cover is the most highly recommended preventative measure you can take to rid your home of the highly invasive bed bug. Just ask any exterminator and they will agree that the number one way to prevent bed bugs is to cover your bed with bed bug proof linens. The complex interiors the mattress and boxspring provide the perfect hiding spots for bed bugs inside all the wood framing, coils, fabric, foam and springs. It is like taking up residence in a five-star resort for the bed bugs.

With so many bed bug mattress covers on the market today, it often hard to tell the difference between a bed bug mattress cover that will effectively keep your home free of bed bugs and which ones won’t.

We are here to help you choose the correct way to bed bug proof your home. All of the covers on this site have been scientifically proven to trap bed bugs inside and/or keep the pests from entering bedding.

Where to Find a Bed Bug Mattress Pad For Less

If you’re looking for the cheapest prices on a bed bug mattress protector, shopping at Amazon for all of your bed bug needs will save you up to 50% less than you would pay in retail stores. While other online sites and local stores like Target and Walmart do sell such items, the prices are up to double of what you will pay online at, plus you can shop in the privacy of your own home.

How to Find the Right Bed Bug Mattress Cover for You

All bed bug mattress covers and box spring covers are not created equal, which is why you should only be looking at bed bug mattress and box spring encasements that have been tested and scientifically proven to be bed bug and bed bug bite proof.

There are several bed bug mattress bag brands to choose from including AllerZip, Luna, and Sleep Safe. Knowing what to look for in a bed bug mattress protector can help you decide which cover will work best for you and your home. There are four main factors to consider when choosing your new bed bug mattress cover.

  • Bed bug bite proof fabric: Most inexpensive bed bug mattress encasements are not bed bug bite proof, which means the bed bugs living inside your mattress will still be able to feed off of you through the fabric.
  • Waterproof fabric: Vinyl and polyurethane-lined are the two choices you have when it comes to bed bug mattress cover fabric. Vinyl covers tend to be hot to sleep on and can also be quite noisy when moving around at night. Polyurethane-lined covers allow for your skin to breath, meaning no sweating. They are also  covered in a soft fabric, which makes them a silent option to sleep on.
  • The zipper stop: Believe it or not, the end of the zipper on your mattress cover is of the upmost importance. If a zipper stops even 1/32″ short of the seam, bed bugs will be able to escape or gain access to the interior very easily.
  • The zipper teeth: Be sure to purchase a bed bug mattress cover that has small zipper teeth. Zipper teeth that are too large make entering and exiting your mattress quite easy for the little bloodsuckers.

The polyurethane bed bug mattress protector is considered a premium bed bug cover, because it is a breathable material that dissipates body heat and is covered by only the softest fabrics. There are a few brands of premium bed bug mattress covers to choose from.

Premium, scientifically-proven bed bug covers like Aller-zip Bed Bug Proof Encasements by Protect-A-Bed have been put through strenuous bed bug tests. They do cost more than vinyl bed bug mattress encasements because of their terrycloth-covered polyurethane design. However, many homeowners feel the extra cost is worth the added comfort.

Vinyl bed bug mattress covers are not breathable, but will prevent bed bugs from making their way in and out of your mattress and will keep your mattress from ending up a bed bug hotel. Vinyl is easy to clean with a damp cloth, but does rip easily.

Vinyl mattress covers come in various levels of thickness, so be sure to keep this in mind while shopping. Three gauge vinyl bed bug covers are a great value and perfect for everyday needs. Six gauge vinyl bed bug covers are much thicker and ready for heavy-duty institutional wear. Because a vinyl bed bug matress cover is not breathable, make sure you have a comfortable mattress pad to put over it.

While purchasing a bed bug mattress cover and other accessories like zippered encasements for the box spring and pillows can be a small investment, it will be well worth your money to prevent an invasion of bed bugs that could take months to get rid of and possibly thousands of dollars in extermination costs. It is also a perfect way to begin your battle against a already present bed bug infestation. For severe infestations, you should also consider using a bed bug mattress cover in conjunction with bed bug powders, traps, and sprays.