Bed bug eggs

So it seems that awareness is slowly spreading, that is a good thing. More and more news sites are beginning to write articles about them (although they may misinform us of how to avoid or terminate bed bugs) and the resurgence that has taken place. I definitely appreciate and enjoy the effort put forth.

But I wonder when we (as humans) will win the bed bug war? Do we have a fighting chance? Only when we are able to stop spreading them – but this is so difficult.

Keep the infestations localized to oneself to at least minimize the steep multiplication effect and go about terminating it thusly. But I’m afraid that some victims might not know they have bed bugs because they confuse the bites for something else.

This happened to me for a while. I was being bitten for a whole month and didn’t know what to think of it. I knew bed bugs were real, but just like the majority of people, I thought they were RARE. People still think this. For the longest time I thought I had fleas, or was sleeping on a very dirty mattress. But only when I physically found one crawling around, did I verify my infestation. Again, this took a month. Others may take longer (especially when the infestation level was low, like in my case) and gives them the opportunity and high probability of spreading bed bugs.

This is the difficulty and I hope we can learn to stop! But do we have time?