Seal In & Kill Bed Bugs With a Mattress cover

One of the first things that a pest control expert will tell you – especially if they can’t get into treat your home for a while – is to invest in a good bed bug mattress cover.  Mattress covers seal your entire mattress in a bed bug proof cover. By doing so, you will prevent any bed bugs living in your mattress from getting out and feeding on you during the night.

I think it’s still pretty gross having a bunch of dead (and alive) bed bugs fester inside your mattress, but it’s better then the alternative of waking up with itchy, swelled bed bug bites.

A recent study suggests adult bed bugs can live up to 2 -4 months with no feeding, so you must keep your mattress cover on at least this long in order to kill the bed bugs sealed within. Previous studies suggested bed bugs could even live as long as a year (12 months).

Types of Bed Bug Mattress Covers

There are three basic types of mattress covers to choose from.

The first type of covers only cover your mattress and not your box spring, the are usually sealed with a bed bug proof zipper and you can of course choose from all the standard bed sizes. They are the cheapest option, but not necessarily the best.

The second type of mattress covers will encase both your mattress and your box spring. I prefer these covers as bed bugs are often hiding in your box spring as well, so you might as well get a cover that seals both. Again you can find a variety of sizes to fit your bed.

The third, and arguably the best type are also allergy proof and protect not only from bed bugs but from dust mites as well.  You will pay about $10-$20 more for a mattress cover that is also allergen proof but it’s a good investment for your health. Lot’s of things we don’t like to think about build up in our mattresses – blood, skin cells, semen, urine, dead bugs, dust mites, food – the list goes on.