Avoid all products labeled as effective foggers for ridding of a bed bug infestation.

I know this myself all too well. I tried using a fogger, the exact product in the picture on the left, because I had suspected that I was dealing with a flea infestation, not bed bugs. But in any event, I knew it was one of the two pests and since the product is labeled to work on both, I decided, “what the heck“.

Unfortunately for us, foggers do close to nothing against bed bugs. The fumes from the canister actually drive bed bugs deeper into their hiding locations, to avoid the fumes. Not only do foggers scatter bed bugs about, thus making your infestation more of a mess, but it also produces fumes that are (obviously) harmful to breathe. Label directions tell users to stay out of the home for at least 2 to 3 hours, just an overall hassle for a product that doesn’t work at all for bed bugs.

A pest that the Hotshot Fogger does work on, however, are fleas. Fleas, unlike bed bugs, are quite nonchalant in their activities and do not hide as cleverly as bed bugs.