Bed Bug Infestation:

My bed bug infestation had gone on for at least two months before I knew I had bed bugs. For the longest time, I didn’t know what was causing my bites. I noticed bites, for sure. But I didn’t know what was causing them at all. I, like many others, thought bed bugs were a thing of the past; a rare phenomenon part of an old folk saying.

I asked co-workers and friends for help. They thought I had fleas – and it is very easy to blame other insects, especially if it fits together logically. Another co-worker had brought a dog into work several times during a week and I thought maybe I had picked up a flea from it. But I looked closely all over my apartment and saw no jumping insects and bites were not localized to the lower half of my body. I was getting bites on my arms and even hands.

Luckily, my girlfriend caught a bed bug right under me on my futon, while I was taking a nap. Surely enough, we saved it – looked online, and verified that it was a bed bug. I wasn’t sure how to react, but I knew I was in for a lot of work.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are one of the pests that can make you sick with worry if they invaded your house. They are tiny in size and known to hide in the mattress and other areas where you cannot easily see them. They can bite you at night and you will see red marks on your arms or other parts of the body that they reach out. Some people confuse them with fleas but the bedbug likes hiding. They cannot be seen during the day. It only appears at night especially during the dawn hours. Many people confess that they have never seen these pests. They are very rare. It is hard to get them out of your house though. You should work hard to prevent them.
Bedbugs not only attach homes but they can also get in to hotel rooms or even hospital wards. Unfortunately, it is very easy to carry the bedbugs in your clothes in to your home. Research shows that a bed bug cannot transmit diseases through bites. You should out worry about this. However, if you are in commercial business say, in a hotel or a hospital, you should worry about the reputation of your institution. Bed bugs are related unhygienic conditions which is not true. One bed bug can survive for a very long time even up to twelve months without feeding. This is very scary for persons who are traveling. They are afraid of getting in to hotels that have bedbugs.

The bedbug can bite without inflicting in pain. You just wake up with red sores all over your body. This is one of the pointer that you house is infested with these pests. Different people will get completely different reaction of these bedbugs. You should make sure that you see a doctor if you feel that it is too extreme. There are some anti- allergy creams that you can use to ease the effects.

Keeping Your House Bed Bug Free

  1. There are some parts of the house that are always covered hence making them warm all the time. A good example is the bed. We make our beds every time we wake up not knowing that we are tucking some pests. They are surfaces we lay on all the time. The couch is another place. When cleaning the house, make sure that you wash the sofa’s corners and remove the cushion to give the chairs some time to breath. The carpet should not be left without being cleaned for a long time. It will not only hold dust but it will create a hiding place for the pests. It is good to have a good cleaning schedule of your house. Even though the dusty floor rugs will not breed bedbugs, they offer a breeding area to these pest.
  2. You should buy some effective cleaning products. They will disinfect the house thoroughly. The ordinary cleaning agents might not be as powerful. Once in a while, you should spray the sofa joints. A pray can be very effective because it get to every corner of the furniture. Bed bugs can hide in the tiniest areas that they can find. Even though you might keep looking, it is hard to see the pests during the day. You should clean at random as a preventive measure. These pesticides are mild for house hold use. You can easily buy them from your local store. However, is easier to access. All you need to is to go online and place an order. The Bedlam Professional Bed Bug Insecticide is one of the leading products that you can buy online.
  3. You should cover your mattress with the modern plastic covers that are available. You should make sure that there is no place where the pest will get in to the sponge. When you go to a hotel, do not undo all your clothes. You can just get out what you want from the brief case. This will prevent eh insect from getting some space in to your clothes. It is advisable that you hang you clothes rather than placing them on the bed. Bed bugs look for every place that they can cling to. They are highly mobile and will move from one surface to another within a short time. The worst thing about them is the fact that they cling to your clothes while you are asleep and when you go to the couch, they get some hiding spaces as well. This means that your visitors are a high risk of getting affected.
  4. You should not let your house be occupied by many items that you do not use at all. There is some old stuff that you should jut throw out of the house. They just build up dust in your house and do not allow proper cleaning to take place. Junk that has been in the basement for a long time can be a good breeding place without your knowledge. Preventing bed bugs means that you have to destroy all potential areas that can foster the growth of these pests. Even though cleaning can be effective, when you have too much in a room, you can hardly do it well.
  5. You should look out for cracks that need to be repaired. This will be a good idea if you want to ensure that no bed bugs are entering your house. You seal them completely with the right products. Bed bugs can use very small cracks to get in to the house.


Prevention of bed bugs can only be possible if you embrace cleanliness. You should also watch out on the things that you are bringing in to your house. You should inspect them for possible bed bug infection. Alternatively, you can clean them using the insecticides to ensure that you get rid of the pests. When you come back from a trip, place the luggage outside and have it cleaned thoroughly before you get in to the house. Do not place your dirty clothes on the bed in the evening. Always take them in to a laundry basket.

Preventing Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs sightings have been on the rise in North America since 1995. Unfortunately, these unwanted critters are pretty resilient and can even go weeks without eating. As a result, preventing bed bugs is the best way to ensure that you never have an infestation in your home.

Know How to Identify Bed Bugs

The first step in preventing bed bugs is knowing how to identify them. This will help you significantly if you already have these insects living in your home and would like to prevent bed bugs in the future.

Bed bugs are generally reddish brown and oval shaped. They have very small wings and small hairs along their thorax. When bed bugs are present they generally leave red blood stains on mattresses (a sure fire sign that you have been bitten in your sleep) or dark brown fecal stains.

Know Where to Find Bed Bugs

The second step in preventing bed bugs in the future is knowing where to look for them. Generally speaking, bed bugs like small confined spaces where they can easily hide. Places like mattress seams head boards, drawers (especially the part that touches the wall), and cracks and crevices in the wall are prime locations for bed bug infestations.

When looking for bed bugs keep in mind that they are most active at night. Bed bugs rarely come out during the say unless they are incredibly hungry.

Know How Bed Bugs Spread

Perhaps the key factor in preventing bed bugs is knowing how they spread. Catching these insects before they enter your home is the best possible way in preventing bed bugs.

Bed bugs are actually incredibly easy to pick up. The most common way bed bugs spread is through a traveler’s luggage. Many times traveler’s introduce bed bugs unknowingly into the home thus facilitating their spread. As a result, one of the best methods in preventing bed bugs is to check all your luggage before you enter your home after a trip.

As for preventing bed bugs from grabbing on to your luggage in the first place, there are several techniques you can use to prevent their spread while traveling. When checking into a hotel the first thing you should do is check the mattresses, cots, an cribs. These items could have easily picked up bed bugs in another room and brought into yours. The next items you should check are the drawers and any cracks or crevices in the walls.

The last component of preventing bed bugs from entering your home has to do with furniture, clothes, and moving. Before bringing any used furniture or clothes into the home make sure to check the items for bed bugs. Similarly, if you have recently moved make sure to check the boxes for any signs of bed bugs.

Preventing Bed Bugs Together

The spread of these unwanted insects can be significantly hindered if we spread the word on preventing them. Share this information with your friends and family and together we can all do our part in preventing bed bugs.