Diatomaceous earth bed bugs might a solution to solve the problem of bed bugs in your bed, what you need is a good amount of diatomaceous earth bed bugs fighter. It is an all-natural product meant to eliminate the problem of bed bugs biting you in the middle of the night.

But before you can consider diatomaceous earth bed bugs as the product that can eliminate the problem of bed bugs in your home, you have to first think of the behavior and the life of the bed bugs. This way, you will find it easier to get away with a product that can kill and get rid of bed bugs once and for all. Here are a couple of facts that you must know about bed bugs along with the products and ways by which you can get rid of bed bugs, so that you can have a long and nice sleep without any bed bugs biting on you.

All about diatomaceous earth bed bugs:

Many people would be confused when they come across the phrase- diatomaceous earth bed bugs. But actually, diatomaceous earth is considered to be a natural killer of bedbugs. In fact, it proves to be a better option than any other spray product which is used to kill bedbugs. If you have bedbugs at home, then it would be very tough for you to get rid of them. But if you actually use diatomaceous earth then you can surely hope to eradicate them completely. If you’re wondering about what exactly it is, then let me start by saying that it is a natural substance.

diatomaceous earth bed bugs

In other words, it is nothing but the remains of diatoms or algae. It is available in the form of fine powder and it is not harmful to us. But when it comes to bedbugs, it proves to be deadly for them. Bedbugs will suffer a lot if you use this substance because they might experience dehydration and might slowly dry up completely. Using this substance does not create any kind of inconvenience because there is no odor to this substance. That is reason why it is considered as the best bet when it comes to getting rid of bedbugs. All you need to do is to smear the powder to the mattress that has become a breeding ground for bedbugs.

You just need to focus more on the areas where those little things dwell. Apart from using this substance, you also need to ensure that several other measures are taken in order to reduce the chance of bed bug infestation. Firstly, you need to reduce the clutter in your house. Normally, these insects love clutter because they can easily hide and make such places their homes. If there are any cracks on the walls or anywhere else, it is better to find ways to close them. It is good to vacuum the entire house once in a while. Occasionally, hot water must be used to clean the bedding. Actually, water that is used for the cleaning process must be extremely hot in order to kill any kind of insects in it. It is also important to vacuum the entire bed after the bedbugs’ treatment.

About diatomaceous earth bed bugs

It is a fact that diatomaceous earth proves effective when it comes to getting rid of bedbugs. Once you understand that your house is infested, you need to take quick steps in order to eradicate the problem once for all. Another advantage of this substance is the fact that it is non-toxic. So, you don’t need to worry if you have kids or pets at home. In fact, most of the other sprays that are available in the market could be harmful because of their toxic ingredients but when you’re using this substance, you can rest assured about such kinds of dangers. Not only that, it is always good to go for a natural substance so that you don’t need to take any kind of precautions before or after the use.

What do you need to know about the diatomaceous earth bed bugs?

Diatomaceous earth bed bugs killer is a wonderful product which gets rid of not only the bed bugs but also other harmful insects like cockroaches.

About the diatomaceous earth bed bugs

Since the old days, the bed bugs have been the reason of various infectious diseases as well the scourge of the mankind. Since then, the people have been trying to find various solutions to eliminate them. But the attempt has not been successful completely. There are various sprays and poisons which have been tried in an attempt to kill the bed bugs and other insects but they have proved harmful for the human being also. So, they have been banned in most of the countries around the world. Due to the harmful effect of the various chemical based pesticides, people have been trying to find organic pesticide which does not have harmful side- effect on the environment. This search comes to an end with the introduction of the diatomaceous earth bed bugs.

earth bed bugs

Diatomaceous earth bed bugs or DE as it is known has lot of internal and external health benefits relation to themselves and their pets. Diatomaceous earth can be broadly defined as the fossilized deposits which are derived from the unicellular aquatic organism known as the diatoms. But you cannot use all the diatomaceous earth as the bed bug killer. There are two types of the diatomaceous earth which are known as the fresh water diatomaceous earth and the salt water diatomaceous earth. The US Food and Drug Administration have given the fresh water diatomaceous earth a food-grade designation due to purity.  The use of the DE also depends upon how it is processed. For example, filter grind DE, if ingested or inhaled can cause lung damage.

For the pest control purpose, amorphous DE is used as you are in close contact with the diatomaceous earth bed bug.

Diatomaceous earth bed bugs effective against bed bugs

It is very difficult to remove the bed bugs, not least due to the fact that they are very small but have the ability of keep still at one place in the day and absorb lot of blood during the night. People have tried to remove them with various methods like the chemical and poison spray. But with the launch of the DE or the Diatomaceous earth bed bugs, a new chapter has begun.

Unlike the other bed bug control methods, the use of Diatomaceous earth bed bugs killer does not involve the use of chemicals in any form. Also, it does not have harmful side-effects on the children, pets or plants. Apart from that, DE or the Diatomaceous earth bed bugs also can be used to remove the bedbugs, ticks, fleas and cockroaches also. DE or the Diatomaceous earth bed bugs killer is also so simple to use that it can used by a small child with safety in a few minutes.

Due to the above facts, DE or the Diatomaceous earth bed bugs killer is becoming very popular across the world.

Effective diatomaceous earth:

Diatomaceous earth is effective in killing bed bugs. We were told by pest control operators that it will remain potent for at least 45 days after initially applying it. It is a health hazard to inhale diatomaceous earth – so practice safety and wear a mask and gloves when using it. Diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs by dehydrating them. It does not kill bed bugs on contact however, and instead kills them over time. I would recommended going to www.dirtworks. net for buying diatomaceous earth.

1.) Wear a mask when you are using/applying diatomaceous earth.
Various forms of diatomaceous earth pose an inhalation hazard, due to the microscopic sharp edges of the silica dust. This can lacerate your lungs and introduce a whole slew of lung problems for you.

2.) Wear gloves when using diatomaceous earth.
This is mainly just for you – diatomaceous earth will make your hands very dry. Make sure to use latex gloves when handling it.

3.) Don’t put diatomaceous earth anywhere where children or pets, or you, might be during sleep or regular activity. Just to be safe – this allows the diatomaceous earth to remain in the location you desire, as well as to prevent the dust from swirling up into the air, posing the inhalation hazard as outlined above in step one.

4.) Place diatomaceous earth in locations you suspect bed bugs will travel.
Great locations for diatomaceous earth include under baseboards, in cracks and crevices (use an applicator to shoot dust deep into dark cracks and crevices), and anywhere you suspect your infestation is heaviest. If you suspect many are sheltering in your closet, than it might be a great idea to create a perimeter around the closet, on the closet, etc. Again, just practice caution: wear your mask and gloves, and make sure none of the silica is inhaled, this is crucially important.


1.) Bed bugs can sense the dust, and will therefore exercise all means necessary to avoid crossing over it.
This is a valid concern and a con of diatomaceous earth. Keep in mind that diatomaceous earth is not a one shot trick for getting rid of bed bugs. It is a way to control the infestation by increasing your chance for reducing numbers, while also creating harsh environment for the bed bugs to inhabit.

2.) Diatomaceous earth does not kill bed bug eggs and will only kill live bed bugs. This is important to remember and in fact, creating a schedule for reapplying diatomaceous earth so that future hatching bed bugs will cross it, is an important step to keep in mind.

Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs:

Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs

Many products are available that aims in preventing as well as killing of the bed bugs. Majority of these products are pesticides or insecticides, which are poisonous and sometimes not safe on humans and pets.  There are natural products also that are equally effective and are less toxic as they have chemical-free composition. These products often contain a combination of pyrethrins and canola oil that is considered safe on pets and humans. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one such natural product used to kill bed bugs.

Brief background of Diatomaceous Earth

Millions of years back, single celled water plants called diatoms existed in all the waters of the earth. These plants absorbed mineral salts from the waters and made a secure shell to protect themselves. Once they ceased to exist, the shells dropped off into sea beds. Numerous layers made huge deposits of diatom shells. Man has made use of the various benefits of these deposits from ages immemorial. Diatoms have dense volumes of silicon dioxide along with other traceable minerals. These are also present in fresh water lakes in its pristine form. Most of the fresh water lake diatoms are classified as a food-grade product, which makes it safe on humans and pets. Among the many uses of DE is its potential to kill bed bugs.

How does Diatomaceous Earth dust work on bed bugs?

Diatomaceous Earth is an effective household pesticide to prevent many pests, including bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, beetles, bedbugs, etc. When bed bugs are exposed to Diatomaceous Earth powder/dust, the hard particles of DE powder penetrate through the exoskeleton of the bug and damage its digestive and respiratory organs by causing severe dehydration. This eventually kills the bed bug without causing side effects to humans or pets.

How efficacious is Diatomaceous Earth dust powder on bed bugs?

The elimination of bed bugs using Diatomaceous Earth depends on the severity of the infestation. Since bed bugs take shelter and spreads in various places, Diatomaceous Earth should be applied thoroughly in all the hiding places. This may require several applications of Diatomaceous Earth to see significant results. The treatment takes up to ten days to get rid of bed bugs once they are exposed to Diatomaceous Earth.

Applying Diatomaceous Earth Dust Powder

  1. Sprinkle layer of Diatomaceous Earth in infested areas such as carpets, floorboards, dressers, cloth hanging, electrical plates, wall corners, crevice, cabinets, doorframes, mattress and cracks.
  2. It is better to sprinkle a thin layer of DE since it is hard for bedbugs to walk through a thick coating of the dust powder, and this lessens the chances of killing the bed bugs.
  3. Dry duster tools are available that controls the spray of the product.  Another tip is to use a sock with the DE powder that aids in dusting the room. Other tools such as a puffer, paintbrush are also effective instruments for applying Diatomaceous Earth Dust Powder.
  4. Wear a dust mask while applying DE as inhaling dust powder is dangerous for health.

Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs Removal and Other Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs:

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Basically bed bugs live in any cramped, damp, and warm space. Since bed bugs thrive on warm-blooded prey like humans, bed bugs tend to live in places where these warm blooded animals tend to go to. For humans, it happens to be the comfort of one’s bed.
Bed bugs usually feed on dead skin and blood of the human that they’re going to attack on. Although relatively harmless, bed bugs can bring a lot of problems to the humans that they sucked blood out of.

If you have ever woken up with a bad back and sore with lesions, then you might have been attacked by bed bugs that have been thriving on your bed. Therefore, you must seek simple solutions such as using bug traps, heat treatment, and natural solutions such as diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers. The use of these products, especially the use of Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs remover, can help you eliminate you bed bug problems once and for all. To know more about products such as bed bug traps, heat treatment and diatomaceous earth bed bugs eliminators, here’s a rundown of what these things can do for you.
Preventing and/or Eliminating Bed Bugs

There are a lot of ways to get rid of bed bugs. It can be as simple as letting your mattress be outside for a couple of hours on a very sunny day. However, you may find it inconvenient to do so or you may be too busy to do it. This is why there are alternatives such as bug traps, heat treatments and diatomaceous earth bed bugs that can help you in getting rid of these nasty little creatures. These treatments have been used time and again to get rid of bed bugs, where ever they may be.

Bed Bug Traps
One of the ways to be rid of bed bugs is through the use of bug traps. Unlike other treatments for bed bugs like diatomaceous earth bed bugs and heat treatment, bug traps are pretty much straightforward and does not need as much preparation or downtime as compared to the two other treatments for bed bugs.

A bed bug trap is basically a mattress cover that will not allow the bed bug to get out. Just enclose your mattress in the bug trap and just let it do its job for you.

The basic principle of a bed bug mat is that it gets rid of the bed bugs by suffocating them, and never giving them the chance to attack another prey again. It is a simple idea that can deal with mild bed bug problems. However, the next two treatments, the heat treatment and the diatomaceous earth bed bugs remover, can do so much more in getting rid of the bugs for moderate to severe cases.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs
Just like the common treatment against bed bugs, using heat treatment follows the same principle in a more precise and calibrated manner. The thing with bed bugs is that it will be hard for them to survive in temperature exceeding 45 degrees Celsius, and because of this, heat treatments have also become popular bed bug removal remedies, along with bug traps and diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers.

For heat treatment, the room where the bed is subjected to heat through hot fans set to a temperature that will kill the bed bugs. The downside with this process is that unlike bug traps and diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers, there’s a specified amount of time that the blower should be on and that one heat treatment cannot guarantee that it will get rid of all the bugs, all in one fell swoop. That’s why it is also best to try out treatments such as diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers to help you get rid of bed bugs, once and for all.

Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs Removers
Lastly, diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers are natural bed bugs removers that do not have any downtime and can easily be administered by anyone. The trick is to use a good amount of diatomaceous earth to get rid of the bugs once and for all.
Diatomaceous earth used for diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers come from dried up lakes, it has been found that the principal ingredient for diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers have the power to get rid of the bed bugs once and for all. These bug removers can also get rid of other bugs, especially the ones thriving on livestock and pets.

To get rid of bed bug immediately and effectively through diatomaceous earth bed bugs removers, mix a good amount of diatomaceous earth bed bugs remover with water, with a ratio of about 1 teaspoon for every cup. You can also choose to dilute this solution with a little bit of detergent to get the formula going. After which, spray the entire bed with diatomaceous earth bed bugs remover, and let it dry before you go to bed. You will see that there’s a difference after a couple of sprays when you use diatomaceous earth bed bugs remover as your medium to get rid of bed bugs.

Let’s find your good amount of diatomaceous earth bed bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs Review:

Are you here because you have the issue related to bed bugs? Are you looking for something to get rid of those annoying animals? If the answer to the question is yes, then you might want to try diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth or DE is known as nontoxic thing. It is a naturally occurring mineral that composed of the fossilized remains of diatoms, tiny micro organism that lived in the large bodies of water. The clay is mined and crumbled into the fine powder that can be used for a lot of purposes such as the removal of bed bugs. This thing makes it different form the other things to kill the bed bugs. If you are looking for the safe and cheap way to kill the bed bugs, DE is your right solution.

How does diatomaceous work to kill the bed bugs? The fossilized microscopic diatoms that consisted in DE are sharp to the insects outer body. If the oarasites or insects like bed bugs come in contact with the DE, this thing will lacerate the exoskeletons and he powder of it will absorb all of the bodily fluids. This process can cause the bed bugs to dehydrate and die.

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Then, where to buy diatomaceous earth? There are some options for you to choose. Usually, diatomaceous is sold in feed stores, hardware stores, health food stores, and online. For those who want to get it online, you can check out Amazon and Home Depot. Getting one from either Home Depot or Amazon is preferable because it can obtain DE as it is affordable and safe from scams or dodgy products. As the note, please make sure to check the concentration first before purchasing one. It should be as pure as possible and it is preferably around 99% so it can be sure that it is safe for pets and for the entire family. If you prefer to get it directly from the stores, Walmart  andLowes can be the option. Both of them are great, especially when there is one near your home. Remember that all of them need to be reviewed. Do not forget to not to buy any products of DE that are marked for “pest control”. For your information, DE for pest control is usually is not safe for the animals as it contains the other toxic elements including flea insecticide.

When you already got one, the next question must be “how to use diatomaceous earth?” it is easy. First, you have to apply the thin layer of the Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth to the infested area. Please make sure to place DE in cracks, crevices, and the place that the substance will not be disturbed. Then, leave the dust on for the few days. The next thing is to simply vacuum or sweep up. as the note, it takes time to kill the bed bugs, depending on the extent of the infestation. Multiple application is better for the severe infestation.