Bed bug infestations are exploding across the country; with more incidents reported each and every month, and thousands of homeowners finding themselves battling bed bugs for the first time.

More and more of those impacted by bed bugs are taking extermination into their own hands.

As a result, more and more people are taking on the bed bug extermination task themselves, rather than call in the professionals. This can be cheaper and just as effective; and also helps those with bed bugs keep a low profile from judgmental neighbors.

But if you don’t follow the instructions carefully, or use the wrong treatment options, bed bugs aren’t the only ones whose life could be threatened:

“Bed bugs are just a nuisance,” warns Chris Barnett, a pharmacist from Westchase, Tx. “Chemicals, on the other hand, pose a health risk when they’re used inappropriately.”

The biggest dangers are using the wrong kind of chemicals to kill bed bugs, using too much of a particular treatment, using chemicals designed for the outdoors inside or mixing and matching pesticides.

“If you put two chemicals together, you’re going to get a reaction. The side effects of that are going to be things like headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tremors and difficulty breathing,” Barnett warns. “They’re generally going to be pretty rough.”

Another risk with mixing chemical treatments is that they simply won’t work – often two different chemicals can cancel out the others effectiveness – and as a result, neither will have any significant impact on a bed bug problem.

This is why the best option is to choose one particular home bed bug treatment and stick to it; even if you’re worried it will take longer to see the results.

In fact, if you’re intending to tackle bed bug extermination yourself, the three most important rules to remember are:

  • Pick the right product.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Be patient.

Prior to purchase, research what alternatives there are to traditional chemical pesticides. In addition to posing more of a health risk, bed bugs can quickly develop a tolerance to synthetic chemicals; which is why professional exterminators are increasingly forced to “cycle” between treatment options to find ones that are effective.

Natural pesticides, like the 100% organic, food-grade ingredients in Nature’s Response, attack bed bugs a different way. It naturally disrupts the way their body chemistry works; literally suffocating them by triggering the closure of their breathing spiracles. Even better, this is a reaction to which bed bugs can’t develop a resistance.

With home remedies now offering effective, affordable and all-natural alternatives to the chemicals and pesticides exterminators use, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to purchase and use bed bug killing products of their own.

And as long as homeowners are willing to take the time and follow the instructions, these products are a safer, cheaper and more effective alternative to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for the services of a professional.