If you are looking for a way to know if you may have bed bugs or have gotten rid of a bed bug infestation, Climbup Insect Interceptor Traps are a great passive way to monitor for the insects.

What are Climbup Insect Interceptor Traps?

Climbup bed bug traps, as they are often called, are a simple design, yet they are very effective way to determine if there are bed bugs in your home. The traps are double-welled plastic containers with a coating of talc powder on the inside.

How do you use the traps?

The traps can be placed under the legs of furniture and underneath bed legs. Once installed, their is no need for maintenance. However, sometimes the talc powder will need to be re-applied to the trap. Talc powder can be purchased at most department stores or at a billiards supply store. To re-apply the talc, simply dip a cotton ball in the powder and then spread it evenly to the trap.

When using the traps, you must make sure the bed or furniture is moved away from any wall, and there is nothing in contact with the ground including bed sheets, comforters, or any other upholstery. If there is another way for the bed bugs to gain access to your bed, other than the legs, then the Climbup traps installed will not be reliable.

How do the Climbup Interceptor Traps Work?

How the Interceptor Traps function is very simple. When a bed bug climbs up or down from furniture, it will become stuck in the outer or inner well of the trap. If a bed bug is found in the outer layer of the cup, it means their is a bed bug presence somewhere else in the room. If a bed bug is found trapped on the interior well it means there is almost certainly bed bugs inhabiting the furniture itself.

How to buy Climbup Insect Interceptor Traps?

These traps can be conveniently purchased online in various quantities and sizes, including extra large. Be sure you buy enough for each piece of furniture you plan on monitoring for bed bugs. Not every piece of furniture in your home needs to have the traps installed. I only have them under the legs of my bed.


A common complaint of the Climbup insect traps is that they will crack under the weight of furniture that is very heavy or on plush carpets. An easy way around this is to use scrap pieces of plywood under each leg, as this will offer a larger, flat base for the cups.

Disposing of any bed bugs that you have trapped should be performed carefully. After all, you do not want any bed bugs to escape alive. Many bed bug powders or sprays can be used to humanely treat the bed bugs, but then they should be disposed of in a Ziploc baggie.