Bed bugs shown with fecal matter and bed bug eggs.

Great to see something like this – educating the public about bed bugs. Coming from experts who study the pests, this is probably a must-see event for Ohio residents that are currently suffering from them or looking to educate themselves. I think it’s very important to know what the signs are so that early detection is possible – and then knowing exactly what to do when an infestation is present. The more structured the process, the better – in my opinion.

There needs to be a cookie cutter order of events for managing an infestation. I wish it could be, but infestation cure rates always vary depending on many factors.

What needs to be done? Why do infestations spread so quickly? Why should we blame individuals for spreading them – what about the people responsible for dealing with termination? Bed bugs will only go away for good if the public puts a communal effort forth in ridding them. This means landlords and tenants working together – not against each other – to figure out how to manage an infestation. Who deals with the cost of termination – is obviously in the state or city landlord-tenant laws, or maybe even the lease – although I’m sure the state or city laws would trump a lease in this case, since the issuer of the lease would have no authority to issue this kind of contract.

Messy issue – but each day I think we are getting one step closer. I hope.