Here at, we’re always getting asked about the best solution to a bed bug infestation. We often buck the trend by advising customers to do the job themselves, as they can often get results as good as – or better – than a professional exterminator by using a combination of home products.

But that’s only if they follow the rules — and rule #1 is: Don’t cut corners.

At just millimeters in size, there’s barely a crack in your house that a bed bug can’t hide in. This is traditionally why getting rid of an infestation can be so difficult. It takes just one pregnant bed bug to start an infestation off; and just one surviving pair to bring one back even after treatment with pesticides.

The key to kicking an infestation is thoroughness. You can’t just take a few steps to combat a bed bug infestation – you need to take all of them, and at the same time.

These include:

  • Wash all your bedding and clothing thoroughly in hot water, then dry on high heat in a tumble dryer. If you have items that really can’t be tumble-dried, place them in a plastic bag and store them in your freezer compartment for no less than five days.
  • Vacuum your entire home – especially the bedrooms. Vacuum your bed, box spring, headboard and your entire bedroom carpet. Pay particular attention to around the skirting boards – bed bugs can often hid underneath them.
  • Wash the covers and cushions of your couch and chairs. Wash or replace your pet’s bedding. Vacuum all of them thoroughly.
  • Empty your vacuum cleaner outside, replacing the bags immediately. If you have a bag-less vacuum, treat it with bed bug killer spray after using it (allow to dry before using it again.)
  • Thoroughly treat your home with our 100% organic bed bug killer spray. Spray it liberally around the bed, box spring, headboard and skirting board. Also treat your couches, chairs, cushions and skirting boards.
  • Use a mattress encasement to keep bed bugs out – or trap them inside. We recommend buying a second encasement for your box-spring, and individual covers for your pillows. Purchase bed bug detectors to ensure you spot and prevent them returning.

You might also consider using our Tri-Jet Bed Bug Fogger to help eliminate a bed bug infestation. This professional-grade fogger can be filled with a variety of bed bug killing substances, including Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer.

This initial treatment is vitally important – don’t cut any corners (as bed bugs, quite literally, hide in corners.) But equally important is a follow-up treatment no more than 14 days later. Once again, wash all your bedding and vacuum your home thoroughly. Then reapply our bed bug killer spray throughout your entire home; and check carefully for signs of bed bugs as you do so.

Just like people experience bites long before they actually see bed bugs, the best proof that your treatment regimen has worked it is that the bites stop.

It’s still vitally important to be vigilant and use our bed bug preventer products to make sure you kill any bed bugs before they can stage a comeback – but there’s no reason why you can’t nail an infestation just as quickly and effectively as a professional exterminator – and for a fraction of the price.