You will find information on bed bug spray throughout this page.

Before discussing sprays and treatments for getting rid of bed bugs, it might be helpful to learn about the little critters.

Bed Bug Basics:

Bed bugs are not something you want to have because they feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals like humans. These tiny parasites can cause allergic symptoms, skin rashes, and even psychological issues. Though they were largely eradicated in the 1940s, they have made a reappearance since the year 1995, most likely due to increased international travel and restrictions in use of the chemical DDT. Fortunately, using bed bug spray helps to rid the home of these pests.

In their adult stage, these bugs are oval, wingless, flattened, and reddish-brown in color. They are usually about four or five millimeters long and are often confused with carpet beetles and booklice. What makes them particularly troublesome is that they can survive in a wide variety of temperatures and humidity conditions. These parasites are found almost all over the world and are able to survive in cold temperatures and without food.

Bed bugs can live and hide in many places but most commonly are found in beds, hence the name. These bugs use two hollow feeding tubes to pierce the skin of their host, injecting saliva and withdrawing blood for about five minutes. Their bites can result in red itchy welts.

Amazingly enough, they can live for up to one year without feeding. A home can be infested with bed bugs carried in on pets, luggage, or clothing. The bugs can also crawl from nearby dwellings or items that are infested, traveling through false ceilings or ductwork.

Bed Bug Spray:

There are plenty of different types of sprays available to buy, of which, a number of need dilution. Pick those sprays which will be used immediately, and never having to add in various other ingredients. Additionally, select those bed bug sprays that do not leave a residue, since these sprays happen to be more unlikely to cause eye issues. At any rate, we recommend you ought to make an effort to treat your bed bug dilemma naturally prior to utilizing pesticides within your own environment.

There have been a few formidable insecticides and pesticide in existence which all have that will kill bed bugs, even so, these same chemicals are actually harmful to individuals and have been banned since that time. The bug sprays that we’re making reference to are DDT as well as ones using the same chemical composition.

Because the banning of those kinds of pesticides, bed bugs have made a recovery and are also hungry! Environmentalists and professionals have tried their utmost to create different alternatives which are non-toxic to human beings and safe to use around the whole family. This looked like at one time extremely difficult.

Nonetheless, One out of every Four houses has indication of a bed bug invasion. So that leaves all of us with the question, what types of sprays are effective?

Most sprays are designed to kill the bugs on contact. Others are made to stay efficient long after the product’s application. As an example, once the insects encounter the residue of pyrethroids, that is a kind of insecticide, it will kill them almost instantly.

Pyrethroids are made of chrysanthemum flower extracts. Nearly all sprays feature diverse strains of pyrethroids. Although the chemical compounds are very well known to quickly knock down the pesky insects which come in touch with it, it could be irritating to individuals who have continuous contact with it. It is advisable to utilize this bed bug spray inside a well ventilated areas and in areas where there is actually intermittent human contact. Your mattress wouldn’t be the right area to use this spray.

Before anything else, a vital fact that has to be point out is that whilst there are lots of sprays designed to exterminate those pesky bloodsuckers, there isn’t any “perfect” sprays, insecticides or pesticides that are engineered solely just for eliminating bed bugs yet. And in addition sprays certainly are a not cure-all treatment and each situation or “infestation” is completely different.

On the other hand, in selecting the right spray to kill those bloodsucking infestations, a quality spray must at any rate satisfy the following requirements:

  • The particular spray need to be registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (with regard to safety and high quality standards to ensure we know they are not using any kind of harmful agents or chemical substances.)
  • The spray will have to be capable to eliminate bedbugs promptly in every phases of their life cycles (that including their eggs.)
  • Your spray should be economical as well as simple to dispense (this means it ought to be cost-effective and, if at all possible, no mixing required to work.)
  • The spray must be not dangerous and non-toxic to be used around infants and pets.
  • The spray needs to be water-base and non-staining so that it could be utilize on sofas, carpets and furnishings often. (Some sprays tend to be oil-base and you will be unable to use them on sofa or mattresses exactly where many of the bed bugs hide. Also, oil-base agents won’t be allowed to be carried on planes in case you actually required to carry one along on your vacation.)
  • Additional the particular spray ought to be non-flammable.

We recommend you select a green product that has been formulated to be safe for you family and pets.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs:

People with bed bug problems should research the types of bed bug spray available and purchase a product that can be used to safely treat the infested area. Treat the home as soon as the issue is discovered to prevent inhabitants from getting rashes or allergic symptoms.

Although there are several ways to get rid of bed bugs, using a good quality bed bug spray is a very cost effective method. This is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator, who might charge over $300 for just one treatment. And they might not even guarantee it works!

Sprays are used either directly on the bed bugs, the bed bug eggs, or in miscellaneous crevices and cracks. Even though there are restrictions on some pesticides these days, there is still a good variety of sprays and insecticides available. For as little as five dollars, a spray can be purchased to treat contaminated items. This spray usually contains chemicals like Permethrin and most products are safe for people and animals. All-natural, non-pesticide sprays are available that use a blend of natural oils to kill infesting bugs and repel new ones.

There are so many products available that finding one that really does work well can become confusing. Most sprays will be at least somewhat effective, but you want the most effective ones, and the ones that are safest for your family and pets. Not all sprays fix all situations; each infestation can be different.

Things you will be checking for:

  • The spray should be affordable and easy to use.
  • Preferably, the spray is non-flammable.
  • It should kill beg bugs in all of their life stages, and kill them quickly.
  • The bed bug spray must be registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for your safety.
  • The spray should be non-toxic so that you may use around pets and kids.
  • Be aware of oil-based versus water-based sprays. You will probably want water-base as it is more likely to not be staining and therefore can be used on more surfaces.
  • Do you want a non-residual or residual spray? This depends on the areas you want to treat. Residual sprays linger, so they are best used in where there will be no human contact. Non-residuals are for use in mattresses and box springs or other furniture.
  • Determine if you need mattress or fabric-safe products.
  • Do you prefer aerosol or pump.

Different classes of insecticides are available, such as neonicotinoids, synthetic pyrethroids, acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors, and chemicals that affect insect reproduction and growth. The most common ingredients are resmethrin, permethrin, chlorpyrifos, propoxur, cyfluthrin, hydoprene, and fencalerate. Most of these products are available in retail and hardware stores. Read instructions for use so you know which are safe for bedding and which are for use in crevices or other non-living areas. If you prefer the use of organics, there is a non-residual compound called pyrethrin. This comes from an African variety of the chrysanthemum flower.

What are the brands you will find? Some of the most common brands are Pura Cleen, Phantom, Kleen Green, Bug Patrol, Sterifab, Bedlam, Eco Friendly Living, and BestYet.

Currently, Sterifab is a consumer favorite. It can be found online and in stores. This spray is also used by some mattress retailers, hotels, and pest control companies. If you want to spray directly on bed bugs, Bug Patrol is a good choice. It is a natural pump spray that uses concentrated plant extracts such as clove, peppermint and coconut. It kills bed bugs on contact and tends to be a safer than other products as it has natural ingredients. Eco Friendly Living is another good non-toxic product, which great to use if you have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals and cleaning agents.

There are a few other things you will want to keep in mind when it comes to treating infestations after and before use of bed bug sprays. Infested bedding needs to be thoroughly washed. Thorough vacuuming helps remove bed bugs and eggs from mattresses and carpeting. You will then want to discard the vacuum contents carefully in a sealed bag. Pillows and mattresses themselves should be cleaned, paying extra attention to any seams if the mattress. It is helpful to use plastic or vinyl mattress covers to prevent bed bugs from imbedding themselves in the first place.

Do a comprehensive search online for reviews and precautions before deciding which bed bug spray to use. And remember, bed bug spray is always best to use in well ventilated areas.

Bed Bugs Sprays – How Effective Are They?

These tiny creatures are very good in hiding. This is the reason why you wanted to be sure if bed bugs sprays will totally eradicate the bed bugs. If you are to use the spray, you must buy the best and must make your plan of eradicating them a success.

The truth of the matter is you only do not need one treatment to completely eliminate these tiny creatures. You actually have two choices for the best quality pesticides. Since they are of good quality, both command a price prompting some to hire a pest exterminator. Hiring an expert for them is better as they are experts in this field and the insecticide they are using will surely eliminate the bed bugs.

If you do further research on bed bugs spray, you will discover that they can cause you harm. In fact more harm than the bites that these small creatures give you.

Now let me ask you something, have you ever heard of a biological insecticide for those tiny pests? If you have not heard of it, let me tell you that there is one and is truly your best option over the others. Using it is without fuss and a whole lot safer. It is guaranteed not to leave any poisonous smell in the house and has no ill-effects to you as well as your family. Aside from that, it also costs less.

The secret in the use of the insecticide is that the spraying must be done correctly to be assured that they got killed by the bed bugs spray. Their hiding places must be sprayed like cracks and furrows and any other areas that you can think of as their hideout. Do not just focus on your mattress thinking that this is where most of them hide. Spray on the bed frame including the legs of the bed, the headboard and every breaks or cracks be it big or small. Small openings are good places for bed bugs to hide so do not ignore these areas.

To fully achieve the finest outcome with spraying, you need to vacuum the mattress first. From there you will know how bad the invasion is. The spraying can be done for a good few days to reassure you of their being eliminated or even a lot more if the invasion is so severe.

Bed bugs spray come in various brands and all of them offer assistance to you in wiping out these little creatures. But you have to acknowledge that it is not only in the name (and this goes to any product), but what is important are the components. A pure understanding of all the components listed on these sprays will keep you on the right track in your selection. Just a tip: purchase one that is not only an insecticide but also a disinfectant, bactericide, deodorant, sanitizer, germicide, fungicide and a mildewcide as well.

Bed bugs spray must not be diluted so be careful in obtaining one that requires you to dilute it. You can really say that this is a good buy if it does not only work for bed bugs but also for other insects like dust mites, cockroaches and even ticks.

Again let me remind you to choose something that will not pose danger to you and your family. Buy something that will not leave any residue on your mattress, pillows, cushions and other areas. And before I forget, there is a powder which you can also lay around the house to ward off their coming back.