Whether you want to protect your home before you get a bed bug infestation or eradicate an existing bed bug infestation you need to have the right tools to get the job done. I’ve put together a list of 10 cheap and effective bed bug protection tips that will help keep your home bed bug free.

1.Mattress and Pillow Encasements. These bed bug proof enclosures are extremely affordable and provide a tight seal around your box spring, mattress and pillows. These plastic encasements are a great way to protect yourself from bed bug bites. They are super cheap and easy to use as well!

2. Bed Bug Traps and Monitors. These will provide instant protection from bed bugs. Traps and monitors work by luring bed bugs away from you and into the trap and then killing them with heat or chemicals. Not only will bed bug traps protect you from existing bed bugs,  they are also a great warning sign for the start of a new bed bug infestation.

3.Portable Bed Bug Heaters. Bed bugs can’t handle the heat. A portable hand held steam cleaner will blast any existing bed bugs almost instantly. These portable steamers are affordable and easy to use. Just steam all of your existing pillows, mattress, box spring, curtains, linens etc. The steam is chemical free too so it’s great if you have children or pets around.

4.Sealed Luggage and Clothing Liners. If you’re planning a trip or vacation you should definitely use bed bug bags and bed bug luggage liners. These babies will help keep your luggage bed bug free (and prevent you from bringing home bed bugs). They work by using micro zippers which provide  an impenetrable seal in or around your luggage and clothing.

5.Climbup Interceptors. These things are cheap, simple and effective. You just place a bed bug interceptor on all 4 corners of your bed frame. The bed bugs get intercepted on their way to your bed. Stop the bed bugs in their tracks before they make a home in your bed.

6.Organic Chemicals, Powders, and Sprays. There are many organic (non harmful) bed bug sprays, chemicals and powders that are available. These sprays are safe to use around pets and children. They can help you get an existing bed bug infestation under control and help prevent a future bed bug outbreak.

7.Non-Organic Chemicals, Powders, and Sprays. If you’re looking for something more powerful than organic bed bug sprays try one of these bad boys. These non-organic chemicals and sprays are sure to kill bed bugs in their tracks. Please don’t use around children or pets (unless the room is isolated) and be sure to follow the directions!

8.Bed Bug Steamers. If you find yourself with a bed bug problem, you need to kill the buggers where they live. A bed bug steamer allows you to penetrate extreme heat into your furniture, bed, and every other nook and cranny of your home. These devices are an absolute must for anyone who needs to kill bed bugs dead and make sure they do not come back.

9.CO2 Montor. Bed bugs are attracted to CO2. These handy units emit carbon dioxide and attract bed bugs and lure them into their trap while you sleep. Once the bed bugs are inside they cannot get out. These carbon dioxide bed bug monitors are great for monitoring an existing infestation or as the first line of defense against future bed bug infestations.

10.Bed Bug Proof Laundry Bag.  If you’re heading to a laundromat or doing laundry while on vacation bed bug proof laundry bags are very handy. These laundry bags are 100% washable and do not allow bed bugs to escape. No more bed bug hitchhikers from the laundromat when you use these puppies!

When me and my girlfriend were infested with bed bugs, we did a LOT of research to come up with these bed bug protection tips. We used almost all of the tools (weapons) listed above. It didn’t cost us very much and believe me when I say it was worth every penny. We have been bed bug free for 2 years now!

For more information on protecting yourself from bed bugs, check out the bed bug removal guide.