Bed bugs have been prevalent throughout the years, but infestation has recently seen a significant influx. In the past, bed bugs were commonly found in public arenas such as hotels, motels, and apartment buildings. Today, bedbugs seem to be more and more apparent in private homes as well.

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that hide in bedding and furniture. They feed off blood, therefore coming out at night to bite. Although small in size, it is possible to spot them. It is imperative to act as quickly as possible when you do detect them, in order to eliminate them permanently.

Although there are many at home remedies for the treatment of bed bugs which tout all natural ingredients, it is best to leave the terminating of bed bugs in the hands of professionals. While these at home treatments may have no pesticides or insecticides, and save on costs, the results may only be temporary leaving the homeowner with a recurring incidence of infestation.

The best path to take would be to incorporate the assistance of a professional as these insects can spread at a rapid rate. In this case, a company that specializes in bed bug remediation and control would be the most advisable choice. Pest control professionals that specialize in the remediation and control of bed bugs can offer knowledge and expertise in order to control and eliminate these pests. They also have more effective equipment to reach and confine the problem. Beginning with evaluating and identifying the depth of the infestation, a bed bug specialist can assist the homeowner with the proper course of action.

Methods used can incorporate environmentally friendly as well as traditional chemical services. A heating technique in which thermal heating of the infected area as well as cleaning the entire surrounding area is commonly used to effectively deal with the problem. Many companies offer chemical free, organic solutions as well as industrial strength vacuums for those who wish to avoid health risks and environmental concerns. A professional can assist their customer with not only the treatment, but the management and future prevention of bed bugs.

Bed bug products for prevention and elimination such as mattress covers and industrial strength plastic bags are available. For the traveler, luggage encasements and travel size aerosol spray cans for hotel mattresses may be sold by these professionals as well. Some companies may even offer a limited guarantee to return if your bed bugs do.

Professional bed bug treatment specialists can offer their customers trained, certified specialists knowledgeable in the habits and life cycles of these critters, and are better equipped not only to rectify, but to completely eradicate bed bug infestation.