Having a bed bug infestation can make a long lasting impression on your life. You have to replace clothing and certain pieces of furniture. You become intimately aware with extermination processes and find yourself strangely familiar with the detailed life cycle of a particularly pervasive bug.

One other side affect that often occurs after the bed bug sniffing dogs have identified your problem and your life has been turned around for a few days is an ever present bed bug anxiety. Many people who have had bed bugs find themselves having anxious panicked nightmares about a new infestation of the critters.

I have discussed this phenomena with a handful of folks who have suffered this fate. They say that the nightmares can pop up every few weeks and as more distance comes between them and their bed bug infestation they happen less frequently. Of course the first few are the worst. They feel like a “here we go again” moment, with the looming trouble making you crazy.

Luckily to set you at ease whenever a scare occurs is the helpful noses of bed bug sniffing dogs. A friend in this situation recently tweeted, “The best part of waking up from my bed bug nightmares is that I am soon reassured that I currently do not have bed bugs.” Sound kind of thrilling.