Bed Bug Mattress Encasements, Protect-A-Bed, Allerzip:

The “Protect-a-Bed Aller Zip Bedding Encasement” is very useful in maintaining a bed bug infestation. It is deemed an important step in controlling an infestation – because it keeps bed bugs currently in or on your mattress stuck there – while keeping additional bed bugs from coming in. This eliminates the need for you to inspect whether they are coming out or into your mattress – quite a mental and physical reliever. This doesn’t mean they will come onto your mattress – although this is easier to notice.

Coupling this with Bed Bug interceptors under your bed legs would also be a great combination. Although watch for bed bugs climbing up your walls – I never noticed it during my infestation but I wouldn’t doubt it in heavier infestations.

Having a mattress encasement is very important because it prevents future bed bugs from coming into your mattress and keeps current bed bugs trapped inside.

This will provide a level of comfort, so that you no longer have to look inside your mattress for bed bugs, or worry that bed bugs are coming out of your mattress to bite you. This keeps your search for bed bugs localized to areas exterior to your bed. Quite a relief.

Salvaging your bed mattress is very possible with the right mattress encasement. I recommend mattress encasements from Protect-A-Bed. A quote from their website here:

Mattress Encasements for Bed Bug ProtectionProtect-A-Bed® mattress encasements feature our Patented BugLock® three-sided zipper system with SecureSeal™. Our allergy control bedding is bed bug entry, escape and bite proof for your mattress. Protect-A-Bed® AllerZip® mattress and box spring encasements are one surefire measure to prevent bed bugs from affecting your life by putting an impenetrable barrier between you and the parasites. In fact, Protect-A-Bed® encasements are the only product scientifically proven and independently tested to eliminate bed bugs from bedding.

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What is a bed bug mattress cover?

Mattress covers will work towards protection against bed bugs but they won’t help with stopping them from biting you if you have them in your room ie not in your mattress.  By buying a mattress cover if you have bed bugs in your mattress you will encase them within this tight cover and they will not be able to get through the tightly woven material.  Inevitably because they cannot get out they will suffocate and within at least one year the bugs along with any eggs should be dead.  You will have to leave the cover on for at least a year or more.

On the other hand if you have bed bugs nestling somewhere else in the room they are going to travel to you during the night to get their fill of blood.  If you have a mattress cover tightly fitted they then won’t be able to get into the mattress because they won’t be able to penetrate the material therefore saving your mattress.  But remember they can have nesting areas close to the mattress such as the bedframe itself or the nearby night stands.  By using a mattress protector cover specifically to keep bed bugs out will without doubt protect your mattress from any infestations in the future.

When buying a mattress protection cover against bed bugs make sure you are buying one that specifically protects against bed bugs.   There are different ones on the market that will not protect against bed bugs so ask when buying.  You can usually buy these mattress protector covers in larger retail stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond or Sears.  Prices vary but a good one could set you back $130 for a California King Size from BB&B or $70 for a twin and $120 for a queen size.

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Advantages:

If your house, rental property, hotel, or motel becomes infested with bed bugs one of the first precautions from getting bitten by these nasty little parasites is to find a good quality bed bug mattress encasement so that the bugs can’t get to you in your sleep and feed on your blood.  A good quality bed bug mattress encasement should be made of a strong and durable plastic so that it will last for years. This bed bug mattress encasement should also have a zipper with small teeth so that the bed bugs can’s sneak out of it. There are some bed bug mattress encasement’s out in the market that have wide teeth in the zipper and these are almost useless. These mattress encasement’s for bed bugs are a great first defense for bed bug control and also a great way to help make the infestation extermination process much easier.

It is believed that bed bugs thrive in dirty environments, such as, unkempt homes and seedy motel rooms. This is not true. bed bugs can thrive anywhere there is a source of food, meaning your human blood. If you have or think you have a bed bug problem that is coming from your bed this mattress encasement will contain it. If the bed bugs are locked in your mattress, with no way to get out, they will eventually die from lack of food.

Bed bug eggs are very small and a translucent white color, they are extremely hard to spot with the human eye. Once laid in your bed, these eggs will hatch into nymphs. Bed bug nymphs are very small also, being about 1/16th of an inch. These parasitic nymphs look just like adults, but a smaller version, kinda like a mini-me bed bug adult. It takes about 5 weeks for the nymphs to become adults. During this time the nymphs go through 5 molts to reach adult size.   A molt means that the bed bug nymphs shed their old, smaller skin, kind of like a snake does to make room for growth. The bed bug nymphs and adults, for that matter must feed before each molt. Their food is you, human blood. The female bloodsuckers produce about 5 to 7 eggs a week, they can lay up to 500 of these eggs in a lifetime. Bed Bugs can live, without food, for almost a year.