Bed bug detection monitors are very handy in the event that you suspect you have a bed bug infestation. They are also handy if you are looking to provide a sample to a pest control operator or during post-treatment when you would like to monitor the efficiency of your extermination. There are several bed bug monitors on the market and all are quite affordable.

Bed Bug Alert Active Bed Bug Monitor. Labeled Active because it actively attracts and lures them in. Passive would denote a monitor that relies on other tactics to lure the bed bugs, such as bed bug hiding instincts.

The Bed Bug Alert Passive and Active Monitors (BB Alert) are a recent addition to the bed bug monitoring market. The Active and Passive Monitors are again, a great tool for verifying an infestation and are quite handy. They have an adhesive back so that placing them along walls or other surfaces is easy. The monitors provide harborage and attract bed bugs (Active monitor has a chemical substance to attract bed bugs, as well as a gluey trap inside to keep them there). Read more about them and buy them in my earlier post here.

Buy the BB Alert PASSIVE Bed Bug Monitor here.
Buy the BB Alert ACTIVE Bed Bug Monitor here.

The Bed Bug Beacon is also a reliable and affordable tool. It works by emitting carbon dioxide (CO2) and thereby attracting bed bugs into a trap. The trap lasts for 5 to 7 days and costs $49.95. Buy it: Bedbug Beacon CO2 Monitor at USBedBugs. com