Bed Bug Bully spray is a green product that will kill bed bugs and bed bug larvae. The ingredients used in this spray are all one-hundred percent natural, which means there are no dangerous pesticides in the spray.

Bed Bug Bully is made by Green Bean Cleaning products. They produce hundreds of natural cleaning products including all purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, tile and grout cleaners, carpet cleaners, and floor cleaners.

All of Green Bean Cleaning products have the “Green Bean Seal“. This means they are organic and made from natural substances, making their products especially useful for people with allergies or people who may be sensitive to cleaners.

Bed Bug Bully spray product highlights:

  • Organic, natural formula to eliminate bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergy producers
  • Can be used on hard or upholstered surfaces
  • Harmless to children, pets, and plants
  • EPA free
  • Infused with fragrances specially formulated to improve wellness
  • One-hundred percent biodegradable

How Bed Bug Bully Works

The natural blend of oils, surfacants, and salts kills bed bugs by penetrating into their skeletons and dehydrating their bodies. This suffocates the bed bugs in seconds. Bed bugs that do not come in direct contact with the spray will take longer to die.

This spray can also be used as a non-toxic preventative against bed bugs. If you live in an apartment building that has a bed bug problem, you can this spray in the doorways and other areas like pipes that may allow bed bugs to gain entrance.

Below is a video from YouTube that shows the Bed Bug Bully spray in action. Notice once the bed bugs are sprayed, they die within seconds. The spray also kills the bed bug larvae on contact.