Vintage clothing is a booming market – with velour jackets, bell-bottomed pants and classic fedoras recovered from your grandparent’s attic suddenly selling for big bucks online, or in downtown vintage clothing stores.

Prevent and kill bed bugs that may be living in your newly acquired vintage clothing.

The clothes your parents wore are suddenly hip again.

But considering that buying even new clothes poses a risk for bringing home bed bugs, how do you avoid bed bugs when you’re shopping “vintage”?

Our resident Bed Bug Expert has the answers.

“You shouldn’t be overly concerned about buying vintage clothing,” he says, “but there are a few smart things you should do to make sure they don’t come with any unwanted visitors included.”

“First off, separate your new purchases of old clothes as soon as you come home. Keep them in a plastic bag until you’re ready to go through them – so if they do have bed bugs in them, you can keep them contained. After you’ve finished treating your new purchases, throw the bag into your outside trash as a precaution.”

“If your vintage clothing is robust enough, wash it on high heat and dry it for at least 45 minutes. This will kill bed bugs dead; and destroy their eggs.”

“For more delicate fabrics or clothing, put them in a plastic bag and store them in your freezer for no less than four days.” That’s normally long enough to kill bugs and their eggs. “Make sure the temperature is below freezing.”

Treat your vintage clothing for bed bugs as soon as you come home from the store to avoid infectation.

A few precautions can make sure your vintage clothes don’t come with bed bugs

“For added security, you can apply our 100% organic bed bug spray. It’s made from food grade ingredients and is safe to use on clothing.” Just be sure to test it on an inconspicuous patch of fabric first, as there is the chance it could discolor vintage clothing.”

A final solution for those with a lot of vintage clothing is to use our Tri Jet Fogger to treat an entire wardrobe of outfits all at once. The low density fog will penetrate every stitch, generally without discoloring the clothing.

“It’s a bit of a last resort,” our Bed Bug expert agrees, “but if you have an entire room full of vintage clothing you want to treat, it might be the fastest, easiest and most effective way of doing it.”

Vintage clothing stores take note!