No, bed bugs never cause contagious diseases. Are Bed bugs contagious? This question focuses on the spread of Bed bugs rather than on its symptoms and illness caused. However bed bugs infestation is highly contagious. They spread rapidly from one place to another. They can not fly as they are not endowed with wings but can run quickly across the floor.

The places most prone to bed bugs infestation are cracks, mattresses, bedding, crevices, etc. Bed bugs get attach to bed, clothing, furniture and luggage. Whenever a person travel to a bed bugs endemic place, he can easily trace bed bugs outbreak. One should be highly careful while traveling especially to endemic areas. Things which acts as vectors for the bed bugs infestation are: Clothing, second hand furniture and Luggage.

You may not notice them when you pick these items as they are too small and most of the time they remain in seems and pockets of luggage. They come out to feed on human and pet blood while they asleep.
It used to be the problem of 1950s. There was a time when bed bugs were common only in some places like Hotel and Hospitals. Only the prone areas used to get infested with bed bugs. Various reports have shown that there is massive increase in the bed bugs population in the last few years. Now the situation is this there is hardly any place left which is not inhabited by these pests.

According to a survey by University of Massachusetts -68% of all bedbug infestation in endemic areas require a more than 3 treatments whereas 26% require two treatments and 6% can get rid of bed bugs by just one treatment.

Bedbug bites and symptoms can not be enough as the evidence of bed bug infestation as 60% victims can not respond to the bed bug bites until they have been exposed to bed bugs for prolonged period of time. Regular cleaning and good housekeeping can only limit an infestation but it is not at all sufficient to get rid of bed bugs.

Your sweet home can be nested by bed bugs due to these factors:

•   Globalization is on its hike. So when useful things are exchanged over then why not these creatures.

•   If a guest stays in an infested room then he can take back these pesky pests as his parting gift.

•   Take care of your luggage while on tour or a holiday. Do not keep it in an infected room.

•   Luggage should not come in contact with infected luggage.

•   Many regions are not subjected to the use of residual insecticide.

•   Furniture is most prone to bed bugs infestation, especially second hand furniture.

•   Infected clothing or bedding can bring bed bugs to your home.

•   As mentioned above 60% victims do not respond to bed bug bites.

•   Central heating and climate control.

In 1930’s bed bug came to a halt and only 25% of all the homes were infested. Few years back Sydney caught the headlines as almost every hotel was infested and that too just before the commencement of Olympic Games.

These surrounding places where you spend long period of time are more prone to bed bug infestation:

•   Living Room

•   Offices

•   Motor Vehicle

Are bed bugs Contagious? Yes, they are. But you can easily prevent them.

•   Avoid sharing of personal items such as bedding, coats, clothes, towel or backpacks.

•   Once you notice bed bugs infestation in your dwelling call exterminator.

•   Clothes should be placed in proper places so that do not come in contact with the fresh cloth.

•   Avoid second hand furniture such as beds and couches.

It has already been proved several times that there are no home cures left to curb such a high intensity of bed bug infestation. But selecting a less experienced professional can increase the problem. So call a well reputed exterminator to get rid of this problem.

An early detection is the key to rapid eradication. “Are bed bugs contagious?” should be substituted with “Are the bed bugs symptoms contagious?”